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Multi-Tech brings LoRa to US universities

Steve Rogerson
April 27, 2017

Multi-Tech Systems has launched a nationwide IoT programme for schools and universities in the USA. Based on LoRa connectivity, it will provide students with tools and education to learn and apply connectivity technologies.
The programme focuses on LPWAN using LoRaWan. LPWAN is designed for long-range communications using low power consumption and a low bit rate to connect a wide variety of things.
The announcement follows the recent success of the Minnesota company’s first co-hosted event, which took place at the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL), an independent provider of broad-based testing and standards conformance for the networking industry, and the UNH Connectivity Research Center. The one-day hackathon brought together UNH students, faculty and industry to identify a problem and build a solution using sensors and LoRaWan MultiConnect Conduit gateways and MDot LoRa modules.
According to Research & Markets, the LPWAN market will grow at a CAGR of 90% from 2016 to 2022.
“The size of the LPWAN market and the opportunity it affords for the next generation is significant,” said Gregg Zastrow, senior manager at MultiTech. “By providing education and cutting edge IoT products, we provide an enormous opportunity for students and further promote new IoT ideas and applications. We are excited by the students’ enthusiasm, creativity and designs.”
The programme will provide integrated, standards-based product kits and discounted products for evaluation. The developers’ web site portal should increase visibility of the universities programme with press releases, case studies and workshops
“Given the infancy of the large-scale IoT revolution, many schools have yet to effectively incorporate these new ideas into their curriculums,” said Adam O’Neil, electrical engineering student at UNH. “Therefore, the opportunity to work alongside an IoT-based company, such as MultiTech, was a rare chance to obtain hands-on experience with emerging LoRaWan technologies. Attending this event provided valuable insight into the use of these devices, which would have been unavailable through my standard coursework. I will continue to advance my knowledge of these technologies and their endless list of potential applications.”
Erica Johnson, director of UNH-IOL, added: “We are excited to join MultiTech’s university IoT programme as it exemplifies our mission to offer students hands-on, real world experience working with the latest technologies. Our students are eager to let their imaginations run as they explore new ideas working with leaders in LoRaWan technologies and growing their knowledge base here at UNH.”