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Nissan, BMW working with Microsoft on Connected Car

William Payne
January 12, 2017
Microsoft is developing implementations of its Connected Vehicle Platform for major car makers Renault-Nissan, BMW, Volvo and Toyota. The company is building its connected car platform together with its car industry partners, and is also working with them to help each develop their own autonomous vehicle platforms.

According to a blog post by Peggy Johnson, executive vice president of business development at Microsoft, Microsoft is developing the platform in close collaboration with its partners. The company is working to priorities set out by its car maker partners: "predictive maintenance, improved in-car productivity, advanced navigation, customer insights and help building autonomous driving capabilities".

The Microsoft Connected Car Platform uses Azure IoT Hub to communicate between the car and the cloud and services like Cortana Intelligence. The platform takes advantage of a set of core cloud services and productivity technologies designed to provide advanced navigation, predictive maintenance, remote monitoring of car features, in-car productivity and intelligent, personal assistance for drivers.

Renault-Nissan has become the first auto manufacturer to commit to the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform. They will be using it to power their next-generation connected services in their cars. These cars will offer advanced navigation and driver support using Cortana and will provide predictive maintenance assistance with remote monitoring of car features. 

According to Renault-Nissan, the company committed to the platform due to Microsoft’s multi-OS and programming language support as well as support for enterprise-grade security and compliance.

Microsoft is also working with BMW on in-car productivity and an intelligent, personal driver assistant that can look at calendars, traffic, parking, routing and countless other factors to deliver more intuitive and seamless driving experiences. 

The software company is also partnering with Volvo to integrate Skype for Business in Volvo’s 90 Series cars. Toyota is using the platform to enable in-car services, personalised experiences, better safety, and smart city integration, among other scenarios.