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Mojix acquires TierConnect to gain analytics capabilities

Steve Rogerson
June 10, 2015
Los Angeles-based Mojix, a provider of wireless sensor network products, has acquired TierConnect and its subsidiary CodeRoad, the creator of an IoT platform recently launched as ViZix. This acquisition enables Mojix to offer configurable software with analytics, enabling end-to-end business intelligence and data visibility across multiple industries. This should further bridge the gap between its RFID hardware platform, the edge and the IoT.
"Mojix has always been an innovator of wireless sensor networks", said Mojix president and CEO Ramin Sadr. "Our contribution towards the deployment of wide-area RFID networks has been nothing less than transformative. With the addition of a next-generation software platform, Mojix is best positioned to further strengthen its role as a leading IoT provider. In addition, the TierConnect team gives Mojix deep expertise in big data scalability, highly-configurable application frameworks, and elegant user interfaces, all key ingredients in collecting, analysing and displaying mission-critical contextual data for our customers."
Founded by Gus Rivera and Terrence Crown, Michigan-based TierConnect will bring over 100 software engineers and a battle-tested IoT platform to Mojix.
"After evaluating companies and technologies across the globe, TierConnect presented the most advanced and innovative software platform to address our customers' needs across multiple vertical markets,” said Sadr. “We are delighted to have Terrence, Gus and the entire TierConnect team become a part of Mojix.”
Crown will serve as chief software architect for Mojix, while Rivera will lead the CodeRoad software division as managing director.
"We were fortunate enough to have a great deal of interest from both public and private companies, and we are excited to join forces with a very impressive Mojix team,” said Rivera. “After several successful projects together, we saw an opportunity to help create a company that can transform business economics across multiple industrial segments. Unlike other providers in this space, Mojix is now uniquely positioned to leverage innovations and key patents in wide-area sensor networks with a powerful, highly-configurable software platform. Add proven expertise in sensor network deployment, and you have the capability to provide reliable solutions in days, not months."
Working closely together in 2014, Mojix and TierConnect have already jointly deployed their IoT systems to address supply chain management and worker safety in oil and gas, inventory management for retail, asset tracking in large scale IT environments, and healthcare for Fortune-50 companies.