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Mindtree stack and suite add cloud connectivity to IoT products

Steve Rogerson
April 12, 2016
Bangalore-based Mindtree has launched an IPv6 stack and smart mesh suite for Bluetooth Smart that should help equipment manufacturers and semiconductor companies add seamless cloud connectivity to IoT products.
The combination of IPv6 and smart mesh technology not only transmits data collected from remote sensor nodes to cloud analytics platforms, but also enables control of end devices over the internet. IPv6 enables internet access to millions of individual Bluetooth Smart devices, providing the essential IP infrastructure for applications such as smart homes, wearables and connected medical devices.
The smart mesh technology helps overcome range limitations in Bluetooth Smart, an important consideration for industrial and home automation.
The IPv6 stack and smart mesh suite are designed to support either Mindtree or third-party Bluetooth Stacks v4.1 and beyond. These products are optimised for reducing memory footprint and tested for interoperability.
The IPv6 stack is complete and validated, including support for the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) 6LoBTLE specifications. The smart mesh suite includes a smart mesh profile that is compliant with the latest specifications from the Bluetooth Special Interest Group. Application level security is achieved through 128bit AES-CCM and AES-CMAC encryption.
“Integration of intellectual property from various providers can be risky and time consuming,” said Jayanth Krishna, head of short-range wireless business at Mindtree. “With the addition of the IPv6 stack and smart mesh suite to our Bluetooth portfolio, our clients can source all the digital portions of their Bluetooth Smart connectivity from Mindtree, increasing product stability and reducing integration timelines.”