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Microsoft and NXP partner on IoT apps at Embedded World

Steve Rogerson
March 6, 2018

Microsoft’s director of performance management David Lemson (pictured) announced a partnership at last week’s Embedded World in Nuremberg with Dutch electronics firm NXP Semiconductors to create ready-to-use IoT applications.
This involves integrating NXP’s Layerscape system-on-chip (SoC) platforms with Microsoft Azure IoT Edge. The result is that developers can create ready-to-use applications within the framework provided by Azure IoT Edge on trusted computing platforms.
The promise of running cloud-based applications on edge devices requires a secure execution environment. Layerscape SoCs enable secure execution for Azure IoT Edge computing running networking, data analytics and compute-intensive machine learning applications.
Layerscape SoCs support popular open-source virtualisation environments such as Linux and Docker containers. Azure IoT Edge leverages this capability and lets users deploy applications to edge devices within secure Docker containers.
NXP’s approach to security with Layerscape products follows recommendations made by Microsoft in a research paper.
Layerscape also provides NXP EdgeScale tools, which can be used by OEMs to provision remotely and securely large numbers of edge compute devices and connect them to Azure IoT services.
Microsoft has put the Windows IoT Core on NXP’s i.MX platform.
“We took the core of Windows down to the smallest you need for an IoT system and called it IoT Core,” said Lemson. “It is a complete platform and can enable fast time to market.”