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Maestro and Podsystem partner on industrial IoT system

Steve Rogerson
February 17, 2016
Podsystem M2M has partnered with Maestro Wireless to provide an end-to-end system based on the Maestro E206XT and E228 LTE routers for industrial IoT applications. Announced at last week’s Distributech exhibition in Florida, the system is for mission critical and remote environments where uptime is paramount.
UK-based Podsystem M2M will provide its signal, multi-network SIMs, which enable the device to connect to the best available network on start-up and thereafter automatically swap to an alternative network if the signal is lost. This provides increased coverage particularly for devices that are roaming or based in remote areas. In the USA, the SIMs roam on both T-Mobile and AT&T, providing seamless coverage across the country, no matter where the devices are located.
“Being tied to one operator is a problem for M2M companies for several reasons,” said Sam Colley, CEO of Podsystem. “Firstly, coverage is patchy across the USA and for devices that are constantly on the move this could cause connectivity loss. Secondly, as the 2G sunset has shown, relying on one operator can result in the need to swap SIMs out when market conditions change. The only way to avoid this is by using SIMs that cover multiple independent networks and can be updated remotely.”
Hong Kong-based Maestro’s E206XT multimode 3G and Ev-Do and E228 LTE cellular, WAN, LAN and Wifi failover-capable M2M router with extended operating temperature range and last gasp battery are designed for mission critical industrial and enterprise IoT applications, including point-of-sale payments, digital signage, security and energy management.
The combination of mission critical devices and best signal SIMs with no steering ensures that devices always connect to the strongest network in an area, providing robustness for IoT applications that require a secure, reliable connection. In addition, Podsystem M2M can provide a no-single-point-of-failure system called FreeWay, which gives redundancy in the form of multiple independent core networks (using multiple international mobile subscriber identities, or IMSIs) on the same SIM. Combined with an application on the SIM card and an over-the-air (OTA) platform, the connectivity of the device can be managed remotely, including swapping between core networks in case of technical issues or adding new core networks if market conditions or pricing change.
“Maestro’s range of tough industrial grade cellular M2M routers are ideal for high value business critical and industrial applications that require reliable and high performing internet connectivity,” said Robin Roberts, director of marketing at Maestro. “This partnership with Podsystem adds an additional layer of robustness that is of great value to our customers.”
Podsystem M2M and Maestro have introduced a trial programme that allows customers to test the device for three months.