Will Low-Power Devices Bring High-Volume IoT Deployments?

December 10, 2015

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Embedded devices are already being introduced that can run for several years on as little as a few small consumer-style batteries and still provide excellent accuracy and transmission capacity. Some say this could be the cornerstone technology that facilitates the move towards a more 'managed service' approach - particularly with very high-volume deployments in the Industrial IoT sector - and allow the industry to begin to realize its full potential. Looking forward, embedded devices will be able to provide more intelligence at the edge and increased device-level security, while taking advantage of even more power-saving technology like energy harvesting. This webinar will look at low-energy devices that are working in the field now - with special emphasis on current use-cases - as well as look into the future of device-level technology.

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Robin Duke-Woolley, Founder & CEO, Beecham Research
Robin has over 35 years experience in the telecom/IT industry. Firstly in commercial roles covering Marketing Management, Sales Management and General Management in international technology vendor companies. Secondly in market analysis/consulting roles. He has been researching the M2M/IOT market for over a decade, since 2001, and is an internationally recognized thought leader in this area.


Rodney C. Montrose, VP of Engineering, Numerex Corp.
Rod Montrose directs the creation and development of Numerex's next generation of advanced M2M (machine to machine) devices. He has a passion for mobile technology and expanding use of the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve profitability and operations through ubiquitous use of wireless technology. Rod has held a variety of executive, technical, project management, sales and marketing positions in small, medium and large corporations. In 1998, he founded AVIDwireless to focus specifically on products and services targeted at wireless applications, M2M devices and mobile device integration into business. His leadership and drive is the reason Numerex is considered one of the leaders in the M2M industry.

Mr. Montrose is a graduate of the premier Engineering University in Canada, the University of Waterloo with a BASc in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Management Science. Mr. Montrose is married and currently resides in Allen Texas.