How Low-Power IoT Can Change Your Business

November 3, 2016
11 AM EST (15:00 GMT)

Sponsors: DIGI Sigfox

Low-Power cellular connectivity - new LP-WAN for private and public networks, as well as narrow-band alternatives from more traditional service providers that are expected to come on line - will lower the cost of connected devices. This is about more than just smart meters - all manner of connected devices that do not require large data-set transmission and benefit from lowered power consumption in the field stand to benefit. At the same time, energy harvesting, wireless charging, low-voltage sensors, and enhanced battery technologies are contributing to longer-lasting, lower-maintenance devices in the field. Exactly how far can the cost of device connectivity be pushed downward?

Moderated by:

Robin Duke-Woolley, Founder & CEO, Beecham Research
Robin has over 35 years experience in the telecom/IT industry. Firstly in commercial roles covering Marketing Management, Sales Management and General Management in international technology vendor companies. Secondly in market analysis/consulting roles. He has been researching the M2M/IOT market for over a decade, since 2001, and is an internationally recognized thought leader in this area.


Brent Nelson, Senior Product Manager, Digi International
Brent has over a decade of experience in wireless machine-to-machine communication as a design engineer and product manager. As a cellular focused product manager, Brent understands and constantly studies dynamics in the industrial IOT market. With that knowledge, he ensures the Digi cellular product suite addresses top industry challenges. Brent has a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota.

Allen Proithis, President, North America, Sigfox
Allen Proithis is the President of SIGFOX North America and has an extensive background in the IoT and M2M markets, having led the development of several businesses in those spaces over the last five years. Before joining Sigfox, Proithis led the funding and launch of, an award-winning Internet of Things startup focused on accelerating value produced by the data generated by the IoT . Prior to that, he was executive vice president of InterDigital Solutions, where he was responsible for monetizing a $700 million, 10-year R&D investment by taking commercially promising technologies to the marketplace. In that role, he led the creation of Convida Wireless, an M2M joint venture with Sony, InterDigital and Stephen Capital, and served as chairman. Earlier in his carrier, Proithis spent seven years at Hewlett-Packard. At HP, he ultimately led strategy & business development for their Handheld Business Unit, where he was responsible for strategic initiatives for mobile devices, software and services, including the launch of HPs first mobile app store. Proithis began his career in the consulting business in the telecom and technology industries and holds a bachelor of arts degree in telecommunications from Penn State University.