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LoRa demonstration platform on show at CES

Steve Rogerson
January 5, 2016
An IoT platform that will let LoRa hardware manufacturers showcase their modules and sensors remotely and in real time is on display at CES in Las Vegas this week in the Venetian Suite.
The demonstration platform has been jointly developed by Californian companies Semtech and MyDevices using visualisation tools. The platform is open to all hardware manufacturers with LoRa-enabled devices.
The platform allows anyone in the world not only to view an online catalogue of connected devices, but also control these objects to obtain real-time data feedback using a handheld device such as a mobile phone or tablet. For example, in a smart building demo, users can set triggers to control the lights, schedule the temperature settings of the thermostat and set alerts when a door is left open.
“Semtech and MyDevices share a similar goal in accelerating time to market for developers who invest time, energy and creativity making IoT projects,” said Kevin Bromber, CEO of MyDevices. “Our joint-collaboration provides an innovative solution for LoRa device manufactures to showcase their devices and present real use-cases across a variety of IoT applications in healthcare, connected home, smart buildings, water monitoring and so on.”
MyDevices has provided the interactive IoT platform equipped with a library of connected components and observable live data via widgets in an enhanced dashboard. The demonstration platform will eventually be displayed at Semtech headquarters in Camarillo, California, and on Semtech’s web site.
“Our LoRa wireless RF technology is being implemented in a wide range of unique IoT solutions, and a concise, interactive platform to demonstrate LoRa’s capability is valuable to our mutual customers,” said Alberto Guerra, chief marketing officer of Semtech. “MyDevices’ demonstration technology is an opportunity to showcase many of the LoRa solutions available and give interested parties a simplified look at the vast array of IoT solutions LoRa is enabling.”