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Lattice kit lets developers create intelligent vision at the edge

Steve Rogerson
May 4, 2017

A development kit from Lattice Semiconductor will let designers create IoT devices that can process visual images at the edge in applications such as robotics, drones, driver assistance, smart surveillance and augmented and virtual reality systems.
The Oregon-based company’s vision development kit is optimised for mobile-influenced system designs that require flexible, low cost and low power image processing architectures.
By leveraging a mix of its programmable devices in a single, modular platform, it provides a balance of flexibility and energy efficiency required for embedded vision applications in the industrial, automotive and consumer markets.
The kit takes advantage of the company’s smart connectivity and acceleration product lines, equipping customers with an integrated product for developing designs and enabling faster time to market. By combining the CrossLink pASSP mobile bridging device, ECP5 low power, small form factor FPGA, along with its high-bandwidth, high resolution HDMI ASSP, Lattice says it can accelerate the development of intelligent, vision-enabled devices at the edge.
To enable and realise the true value of the IoT, edge intelligence, which pushes processing for data intensive and processing applications away from the core to the edge of the network, continues to expand. IDC has forecasted intelligent systems revenue to exceed $2.2tn in 2020.
“As intelligence at the edge continues to increase, more applications will require integrated embedded vision technology,” said Deepak Boppana, director of product marketing at Lattice Semiconductor. “Our embedded vision development kit accelerates the adoption of mobile-influenced technology for applications including machine vision, smart surveillance cameras, robotics, AR, VR, drones and advanced driver assistance systems.”
The CrossLink input board includes dual-camera HD image sensors supporting the Mipi CSI-2 interface, eliminating the need for external video sources. The ECP5 baseboard enables low-power pre- and post-processing and includes support for HD image signal processing intellectual property from Helion Vision. Also included is a NanoVesta connector to support external image sensor video inputs. The HDMI output board based on the Sil1136 non-HDCP version enables connectivity to standard HDMI displays.