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KPN accelerates IoT network deployment

William Payne
February 2, 2016

Netherlands telecommunications carrier KPN is accelerating the roll out of its LoRa wireless IoT network owing to far higher than expected demand. Launched in Rotterdam and The Hague last November, KPN originally planned to have implemented the LoRa network by the beginning of 2017. However, the carrier has had so many requests from interested parties asking for a nationwide network that the company is now aiming to complete the network roll out by Summer this year.

KPN LoRa is a new network for Internet of Things applications which complements existing 2G, 3G and 4G networks. The network removes significant  barriers to IoT network adoption, such as cost, consumption, and energy, to make it far easier and cheaper to connect very large numbers of different IoT devices. Over the coming months, KPN will equip all its existing mobile base stations throughout the Netherlands with a LoRa gateway and antenna, allowing millions of devices to be connected.

"Customers choose Lora KPN not only for its reliable and secure network, but also because of the partner ecosystem that is provided,” said Jasper Snijder, New Business Director at KPN. “The localisation function which will be available mid-2016, will catch the eye as well as the linked data solutions for KPN. "

Street lighting and furniture manufacturer HR Group is an early adopter of the KPN LoRa network. "The HR Group has already gained insights on the condition of its traffic light and furniture installations from collecting data through the LoRa network. In the near future, street furniture that is connected to LoRa, will be monitored with an app on the smartphone. We can tell, for example, where equipment is, whether street lights are broken, which park benches are popular with the public.” With all this, we can simplify equipment management and maintenance by local authorities, and we also increase the safety and the comfort of the public,” said Ed Salome, New Business Manager of Group HR.

There are now more than a hundred companies in KPN's partner ecosystem who are testing proofs of concept on the LoRa network, including a number of large corporates. KPN is working with helping developers with its IoT Academy, workships and partnerships.