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KORE, Accelerated partner for uninterrupted IoT

William Payne
January 19, 2017
Florida based cellular networking specialist Accelerated is partnering IoT platform provider KORE in a move that will see KORE add Accelerated's 6300-CX LTE Router to its line up, boosting business continuity and LTE Failover. The move is particularly aimed at business sectors such as retail and hospitality where there is a need to support users through multiple carriers from a single platform.

Accelerated's 6300-CX specialises in integration with a customer’s existing IT infrastructure, such as a dedicated firewall, to deliver LTE backup connection to eliminate network downtime. The 6300-CX is certified by SonicWall™ for use with their TZ Series firewall line.

“As the brand behind successful IoT brands, KORE is focused on identifying and developing customised solutions for the rapidly developing IoT market. Accelerated routers will serve an important role for many of our clients, delivering uninterrupted, secure connectivity for critical IoT deployments,” said Matt Tyre, KORE’s Vice President of Channel Sales.

Mark Savage, Director of Channels at Accelerated, said, “We are very excited to be working with KORE. Their ability to deliver LTE and Advanced LTE connectivity on a single platform that supports multiple carriers is a perfect fit for our customers in the Retail & Hospitality space. These customers require a multi-carrier approach to ensure the best LTE signal at each of their locations, and KORE can do that seamlessly for customers on a single billing platform. This lines up with our Accelerated Carrier Smart Select technology that supports seamless switching of carrier SIMs in our 6300-CX LTE Router.”