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KnowRoaming acquires Telna to expand networks-as-a-service

Steve Rogerson
December 8, 2016
KnowRoaming, a Canadian-based technology company, has acquired Telna, a US full mobile network operator and GSMA member, following FCC approval of the transaction.
KnowRoaming’s delivery and management platforms, initially developed for roaming, together with Telna’s dynamic Multi-IMSI global network, provide networks-as-a-service (NaaS) for IoT, M2M and other connectivity applications.
“With this transaction we are completely vertically integrated,” said Gregory Gundelfinger, CEO of KnowRoaming. “The combined business has the commercial agreements, network, management platforms and delivery mechanisms and uniquely positions us to provide customers with the most competitive end-to-end solutions for global mobile connectivity.”
The companies have been strategically aligned since 2014, following KnowRoaming’s initial investment in Telna. Now fully integrated, the combined business is leveraging infrastructure built specifically to overcome high roaming charges to now offer NaaS for any type of mobile connectivity, worldwide.
The end-to-end mobile applications of this model are wide-ranging. For example, KnowRoaming’s IoT Connect hardware, together with Telna’s Multi-IMSI network, enables greater coverage and redundancy for critical IoT and M2M applications. IoT Connect also offers flexibility and control through a management platform that includes access to multiple rate sheets, real-time billing and remote provisioning.
Also powered by KnowRoaming’s proprietary technology and Telna’s robust network, the Soft SIM platform is a seamless, 100 per cent software, device-integration for global mobile connectivity. Directly integrated into Qualcomm and MediTek basebands, the implementation of the platform requires no hardware modification. Soft SIM enables manufacturers to provide out- of-the-box global mobile connectivity for enterprises, consumers, MNOs, MVNOs and OEMs.
“The merger of KnowRoaming’s technology and Telna’s network has enabled us to innovate freely in a way which was never possible before, by bringing hardware and networks together,” said Gundelfinger.
Telna’s Multi-IMSI roaming hub allows mobile network operators and mobile virtual network operators to buy and sell roaming services to and from each other. With more than 16 sponsors and 220 direct roaming agreements, Telna provides access to top-tier networks worldwide.