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LoRa network to be rolled out in Argentina by next year

Steve Rogerson
September 12, 2017
Kerlink and Yeap plan to deploy Argentina’s first LoRaWan IoT network. Yeap was recently formed by Inversiones Condor (ICondor), a telecoms and technology company in South America, to operate the network.
French company Kerlink will provide several hundred gateways for the deployment, which will have nationwide coverage by July 2018. Kerlink has already installed more than 8500 of these long-range, two-way and geolocation-ready gateways for IoT network operators in Europe and India.
ICondor is an established telecoms company with experience throughout Latin America. It created what is now the Movistar Network (Movicom), which operates in Spain and 13 Central and South American countries. ICondor also launched CTI Movil, which is now America Movil, a provider of integrated telecoms services in Latin America. ICondor, which is based in Buenos Aires, plans to deploy LoRaWan IoT networks throughout South America following the rollout in Argentina.
“ICondor had a broad selection of equipment for its LoRaWan network, and its choice of Kerlink gateways underscores their modular flexibility, reliability and geolocation capability based on Semtech reference design, as well their ability to mix both LoRaWan for data collection and 4G networks for backhaul,” said William Gouesbet, Kerlink CEO. “This collaboration with one of South America’s leading telecoms companies significantly expands our international footprint, in line with our development strategy and goal of becoming a leading global provider of IoT network equipment and services.”
The deployment begins immediately in Buenos Aires and Rosario and follows a pilot project early this year. Kerlink will supply its Wirnet iBTS Compact stations in local 923MHz ISM bands.
“Kerlink was one of the first M2M-technology companies to enable low-power, long-range connectivity and to launch easy-to-install infrastructure for billions of devices that improve cost-efficiency and scalability across multiple verticals,” said Martin Rajman, CEO of Yeap. “This gives them a strong market expertise and leadership.”
He said many Argentinian companies and cities were waiting for a versatile, secure, high-quality and high-performance IoT technology to support applications in critical B2B and B2C markets. These include asset tracking, smart cities, logistics and smart agriculture, as well as insurance, pet monitoring and home automation.
Gouesbet said the partnership with ICondor underscored the LoRa Alliance’s ability not only to supply the technology, equipment and services to roll out the LoRaWan network quickly on any continent, but also to combine critical components and services. These include application-development environments and dedicated sensor designs offered by the 500-member-plus alliance.
“This partnership with ICondor confirms that the LoRa Alliance is a dynamic ecosystem able to bring together all the components and expertise necessary for quick deployments for mobile network operators, smart cities or companies that decide to launch and operate a dedicated IoT network,” he said.
Both companies are members of the LoRa Alliance. Kerlink is a founding member and sits on its board of directors. As part of its international expansion strategy, Kerlink reinforced its local representation and distribution channel to cover all of Latin America, with a local presence for sales, deployment and customer support.
Over the past three years, Kerlink has invested more than €8m in R&D. In just over ten years, more than 70,000 Kerlink installations have been rolled out for more than 260 clients, including major telecoms operators such as Proximus and Tata Communications, and utilities such as GrDF and Suez. In 2016, Kerlink generated revenues of €14.1m, 25 per cent internationally. Since 2013, it has posted average annual growth of more than 50 per cent.