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Ittia and Wind River add database support to IoT devices

Steve Rogerson
August 31, 2017
US database and connectivity company Ittia’s DB SQL has been made available on Intel subsidiary Wind River’s VxWorks real-time operating system (RTOS) to provide a platform for device manufacturers to scale onto a wide range of embedded systems and reduce development time and cost.
As manufacturers begin to build intelligent devices that collect, store and analyse data in a secure local database, they seek technologies that are fully verified. VxWorks, delivers a safe and secure environment for mission-critical products. Its virtualisation capabilities reduce cost and facilitate certification by separating critical and non-critical components without additional hardware.
The DB SQL embedded database supports complex queries that analyse device-local data with industry-standard SQL.
With DB SQL and VxWorks, devices can collect and store data securely, making information available for both local processing and remote analysis. Devices that make up the IoT may even communicate with each other directly, retrieving data and running SQL queries over a local network.
With DB SQL's lightweight data server, any VxWorks application can securely and efficiently share data stored on local flash media. In addition, with support for high availability, it protects and replicates critical data by sharing it securely across storage media or communication networks.
"Ittia’s powerful database software offers edge devices the means to produce, collect, store, manage and locally analyse sensor data all in one place," said Sasan Montaseri, president and founder of Ittia. "Whether you are building industrial automation software, enabling medical devices to make critical decisions from a patient log, or adding value to driverless vehicles, the combination of Ittia DB SQL and VxWorks provides a full-featured development platform."
Today's embedded systems are increasingly reliant on many software components that must be integrated in a flexible way. DB SQL and VxWorks both offer build configuration options to eliminate unused components and tailor the software environment for the exact requirements of each application.
"As the IoT continues to become more of a reality and changes the landscape of security, data management and sharing for connected devices, these platforms together provide an ecosystem that simplifies the integration required for a high level of reliability and risk management," said Michel Genard, vice president at Wind River. "Manufactures can now build device software faster, with lower cost and greater reliability. Wind River's partnership with Ittia assists customers with ease of integration, greater functionality, and standards for building state-of-the-art embedded systems and IoT devices."