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Ittia updates flagship database to handle IoT applications

July 1, 2015
Ittia, a Washington-based supplier of embedded database software, has updated its flagship database software. Ittia DB SQL version seven beta is tailored to the growth of data being caused by IoT deployments.
For use with intelligent applications for embedded systems and devices, the database software has gained featured including snapshot transaction isolation, a high-performance file format and numerous optimisations for embedded systems.
The recent explosion of readily-available data, made possible by the IoT paradigm and related technologies, has led to an increasingly connected world in which data must be rapidly stored and delivered over distributed networks. The algorithms in DB SQL 7 beta provide application developers with the fundamental tools necessary to access data quickly, reduce memory overhead, and efficiently share data between concurrent threads and applications.
Reducing development time and cost, managing data with constrained resources, and delivering a product to market on time are all important concerns for manufactures of embedded systems. Many of these manufacturers recognise the full impact that a high-performance embedded database can have on the long-term success of a product as data accumulate over many years of deployment. The IDC predicts that the total number of connectable smart things will exceed 200bn by 2020.
DB SQL 7 beta introduces a file storage model to improve performance and reduce software overhead in embedded applications. Records stored on flash media can be accessed through high-level SQL queries and low-level table cursors, which read directly from the file system page cache. By sharing memory resources with the operating system, overall memory requirements and latency are reduced.
Snapshot transaction isolation, another added feature, provides readers with full access to the database in applications with a single writer, to prevent blocking and deadlocks. Applications with many concurrent writers can instead benefit from pessimistic locking, which is resilient against update conflicts. This flexibility provides a wide variety of multi-threaded applications with the best performance under real-world workloads. For IoT applications, shared access to locally stored data is essential to seamless communications between devices.
DB SQL is a cross-platform software library that is designed to run seamlessly across various embedded and mobile operating systems, such as Linux, Windows, Android, μC/OS-II, μC/OS-III, QNX and Nucleus. Supported hardware platforms include x86, x64, ARM and custom development boards.