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Intel to build 100 car self driving test fleet

William Payne
August 10, 2017

Intel has announced plans to build a fleet of 100 autonomous test cars. The company plans the first of the cars to appear later this year. The announcement came a day after Intel completed its $15.3 billion acquisition of Israeli self driving technology company Mobileye.

The cars will be produced for testing in the United States, Europe and in Israel.

Intel's test fleet will be Level 4 autonomous. This level of autonomy means that they will be able to drive themselves under most conditions.

In a previous announcement, Intel committed itself to spending $250 million over the next two years.

At stake is a market for self driving cars that Intel itself has estimated will be worth $7 trillion eventually.

As well as acquiring Mobileye, Intel has partnered with car maker BMW and car technology firm Delphi in an effort to develop a self driving ecosystem.

Developing technologies for self driving is likely to benefit other parts of Intel's business. Intel is active in developing embedded hardware and software systems. The company is also developing AI, signal processing and scalable high performance computing technologies. All these technologies are likely to benefit from the company's efforts in developing self driving technologies.

According to a report in the New York Times, the first tests for Intel's vehicles will be carried out in Arizona.

The centre of Intel's self driving car efforts is likely to be the Autonomous Driving Garage in San Jose, California that Intel opened in May this year.