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Intel unveils credit card computer for IoT

William Payne
January 12, 2017

Intel has launched a credit sized sized computer aimed at the Internet of Things and connected devices. The Intel Compute Card is a fully feature computer despite its size. The company has also announced a range of partners who will work with Intel to develop new applications for the Intel Compute Card. According to Intel, the Compute Card is designed to 'transform the way compute and connectivity can be integrated and used in future devices'.

The Intel Compute Card has all the elements of a full computer, including Intel SoC, memory, storage and wireless connectivity with flexible I/O options so hardware manufacturers can optimise for their particular solutions – from interactive refrigerators and smart kiosks to security cameras and IoT gateways. 

Device makers simply design a standard Intel Compute Card slot into their device and then utilise the best Intel Compute Card for their performance and price needs. This reduces the time and resources needed to design and validate the compute block and helps speed up innovation to bring the power of intelligence into an ever wider range of devices.

Intel is working with a wide range of partners to develop a range of solutions for the Compute Card in the near future. The partners include Dell, HP, Lenovo and Sharp.  

In addition, Intel is working with a range of regional partners who are all looking to bring market solutions to their respective markets. These early partners include Seneca Data, InFocus, Contec DTx, TabletKiosk and Pasuntech.

The Intel Compute Card will be available in mid-2017 and will come with a range of processors options, including the latest 7th Gen Intel Core processors.