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Intel accelerates 5G as key to IoT

William Payne
February 24, 2016

Intel has announced a series of industry partnerships and new products in a move to accelerate the roll-out of 5G wireless networks which it sees as key to widespread adoption of IoT and connected technologies.

Intel's industry partnerships to develop 5G offerings and services include alliances and collaborations with Ericsson, KT, LG Electronics, Nokia, SK Telecom and Verizon.

Intel is working to develop prototyping and test platforms for 5G devices and connected technology applications.

According to Intel, the need for 5G is increasingly urgent to allow connected and IoT devices and applications to perform effectively across wireless networks.

“Billions of increasingly smart and connected devices, data-rich personalized services, and cloud applications are driving the need for smarter and more powerful networks,” said Aicha Evans, corporate vice president and general manager of the Intel Communication and Devices Group. “The transition to 5G brings communications and computing together and is a fundamental shift for the industry. It is essential to lay the foundation for future 5G networks now to make amazing experiences of the future possible.”

Intel's 5G related industry collaborations include:

  • Ericsson* and Intel are collaborating with mobile operators on 5G solutions and engaging in joint trials, as an extension of the current partnership in network transformation, cloud and IoT.
  • KT* and Intel will implement 5G trials in 2018 that develop and verify 5G wireless technology and associated devices, virtual network platforms and joint standardization efforts.
  • LG Electronics* and Intel will develop and pilot 5G telematics technology for next-generation cars.
  • Nokia* and Intel are collaborating on pre-standard 5G radio technologies and network solutions to enable early implementation of both 5G mobile client and wireless infrastructure, as well as interoperability of 5G radio technologies to meet the device connectivity requirements for future wireless networks.
  • SK Telecom* and Intel are developing and verifying 5G mobile device and network solutions, as well as devices for Licensed Assisted Access (LAA) in unlicensed spectrum bands during 2016. Through their continued collaboration on 5G technologies, the companies also showcased advances in radio access network technologies, including anchor-booster cell and massive MIMO to further improve 5G wireless network capacity.
  • Verizon* and Intel are conducting field trials for 5G wireless solutions through the Verizon 5G Technology Forum* to demonstrate how millimetre wave spectrum, which is capable of supporting data capacity and speeds an order of magnitude higher than today’s cellular networks, is a viable way to deliver high-quality and fast wireless connectivity to homes and businesses.