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InterDigital shows interoperability with Cisco, Huawei and Qualcomm

Steve Rogerson
September 17, 2015
At this week’s OneM2M Interop in Sophia Antipolis, France, InterDigital Labs is jointly testing and verifying multi-vendor interoperability of its OneMPower latform with other participants that include Cisco, Herit, Huawei, Keti, Ricoh and Qualcomm.
Sponsored by Etsi and TTA, the event is an opportunity for technologists, telecoms operators, technology vendors, M2M service providers and consumer businesses involved with intelligent transportation, healthcare, utilities and smart homes to come together and test the interoperability of their products powering the M2M market.
OneM2M, a global standards initiative for M2M and IoT, aims to develop common technical specifications that provide a framework for devices, applications and servers to communicate and share information regardless of transport network.
In coordination with the event, InterDigital has made its Dissector for Wireshark publicly available to OneM2M developers, free of charge. Wireshark is a network protocol analyser used across many industries and by educational institutions to capture, filter, observe and decode hundreds of different protocols. With Dissector, Wireshark can be used to decode the OneM2M protocol.
The current version of Dissector supports the OneM2M release one bindings for both HTTP and CoAP.
“The OneM2M Interop event showcases how the global OneM2M standard facilitates interoperability, which can deliver tremendous business value,” said Byung K Yi, chief technology officer at InterDigital. “As a major contributor to the industry standards process and a pioneer in standards-based M2M technology, participation in the development of OneM2M provides InterDigital with another opportunity to collaborate among other industry leaders.”
The company also plans to demonstrate OneM2M-based interconnected IoT devices and platforms at IoT Week in October in South Korea and at the OneM2M Showcase in December in Sophia Antipolis.