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Start-ups vie for €75m in venture funding

Steve Rogerson
September 29, 2016
More than 20 smart tech firms will pitch for a share of €75m funding at next week’s InPho Venture summit in Bordeaux, France. The start-ups were selected for innovations in IoT, mobility, big data, healthcare and the smart grid.
The summit, a financial investor and strategic business partnering event focused on growth market investments, has selected 23 smart technology firms to pitch for funding at the event.
The funding session attracts leading corporate venture capitalists, VCs, business angels, financial institutions and global industry players from across Europe and North America seeking the best investments in growth markets or the next blockbuster innovation.
“We are really excited by this year’s line up of 23 firms, all of which have strong market drivers and highly-skilled management behind their technologies,” said George Ugras, chairman of the InPho Venture summit and managing director of the IBM Venture Capital Group. “Attendees will also be thrilled by our line-up of panellists from Samsung Ventures, Ciena, Total Ventures, EDF, Schneider, PSA Group, Legrand, the European Investment Fund and a host of other leading firms. As a technological hub, Bordeaux is increasingly drawing top talent.”
The candidates come from across Europe and North America. Each will give a five-minute elevator pitch for funding on key areas impacting work, the home and society at-large: mobility and smart vehicles, innovative medicine, datacoms or telecoms, and energy efficiency. An award of €5000 will be given to the most promising company.
Pitching on datacoms and telecoms is Aeponyx from Canada along with French firms Aryballe Technologies, BeSpoon and ITK. On energy efficiency will be Bluemint Labs and Cascade Light Technologies from France, BSQ Solar from Spain and XTPL from Poland.
Medtech pitchers are Argolight, Damae Medical and D-Eye from France, LunaLec from Sweden, MedLumics from Spain and VivoSens Medicalfrom Germany.
Mobility start-ups are Chronocam and Primo1D from France, Insightness from Switzerland and Drayson Technologies from the UK.
Also participating will be five firms showcasing several innovations in InPho’s Disruptive Technologies session. These are:

  • D-Wave from Canada, a provider of an advanced quantum computer, enabling quantum algorithms that solve extremely difficult problems;
  • Genomics Medicine from Ireland, developer of a disease-specific database of population genomics, creating a capability to examine the relationship between genetics and disease;
  • Poietis from France, which provides 3D bioprinting of living human tissue with high resolution and accuracy;
  • TeraView of the UK, which harnesses the properties of terahertz light to provide 3D images and spectroscopy measurements; and
  • Twist Bioscience from the USA, an expert in synthetic DNA offering multiple applications, including replacing hard disks with DNA memory.
“On show will be cutting-edge technologies capable of disrupting large existing markets and creating new ones,” said Paul Thurk, managing director of Arch Venture Partners. “Fifty years from now, people will look back and point to companies such as Poetis, Teraview, Twist, D-Wave and GMI as true game-changers of our time. I value attending the InPho Venture summit. It’s a venue where one can meet entrepreneurs behind novel discoveries in a relaxed setting, as well as other investors with like-interest in building leading enterprises around those world-class innovations.”
The summit is a biennial financial investor and strategic business partnering event focused on growth markets and investment in technologies shaping the future. The event provides the financial community and industrial leaders with a perspective on innovative, credible and profitable market opportunities in photonics and other smart hardware technologies.
It is organised by the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce, the Route des Lasers and the CEA, the largest government-funded technological research organisation in France. It receives support from Blumorpho, an innovation and business maker supporting value creation through acquisition and investment in smart hardware.
Now in its fifth edition, InPho has attracted more than 500 European participants, 50 international keynote speakers and over 80 VCs and corporate funds. More than 60 start-ups have participated, and together these have sought more than €100m in funding.