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IMC tops 10,000 members and releases buyers’ index

Steve Rogerson
August 6, 2015
The International M2M Council trade association has amassed more than 10,000 members in just 18 months of operations, almost entirely comprised of individual OEMs, enterprise users and applications developers that buy IoT products and services.
The IMC has used the new breadth of its membership rolls to complete the first in a series of surveys, called the Quarterly IoT Buyers’ Index, which will track the buying patterns of its members over time to provide trending data for the IoT and M2M technology sectors. Some of the highlights of the IMC’s first index include:

  • Enterprise users are lagging behind OEMs and developers in the immediacy and size of their plans for IoT deployments.
  • Applications developers heavily favour cellular and short-range connectivity for IoT rollouts.
  • The industry sectors most interested in deploying IoT products over the next six months are healthcare, logistics and manufacturing.
  • The energy sector turns to systems integrators, while manufacturing firms use device makers, and the retail sector goes to software providers when considering IoT.
“The 10,000-member threshold is a major achievement,” said Alex Brisbourne, chairman of the IMC and CEO of Kore Telematics, a provider of cellular connectivity for IoT applications. “It will provide a statistically significant base for the quantitative research that we provide, which includes not just data about buying patterns, but also crucial demographic information about the members and ad hoc queries into important subjects such as security and low-power IoT.”
The IMC is gaining close to 300 new adopter members every week, entirely through inbound programmes.
“They’re coming to us,” said Brisbourne, “so it’s clear that there is a hunger for the kind of information we’re providing.”
IMC adopter members are individual associates that come from eight vertical markets, with just under 30 per cent coming from Europe, just under 30 per cent from North America, and the remainder spread out around the globe.
In addition to research, the IMC publishes case studies, white papers, vertical-market newsletters, an interactive membership directory and blogs for its adopter members, as well as providing promotional platforms and thought leadership opportunities for its sustaining member companies.
The London-based IMC is the largest and fastest-growing trade group dedicated to nurturing the global IoT and M2M sector. Sustaining board member companies include Aeris, AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, Digi International, Inmarsat, Intel, Iridium, Kore, Numerex, Orbcomm, Nighthawk Control, Synapse Wireless, Telecom Italia, Telit, Verizon, Wyless and Wipro.