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Windows IoT Enterprise added to Igel thin clients

Steve Rogerson
November 2, 2017

Organisations can deliver Windows 10 IoT Enterprise’s security features, alongside Igel’s endpoint management capabilities and multimedia functionality via a small form factor thin client.
German company Igel’s Universal Desktop (UD) series UD3 thin clients now include support for the Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise platform.
“We chose to add Windows 10 IoT to the Igel UD3 series thin clients to provide our customers with greater flexibility when it comes to supporting the needs of their end-users,” said Matthias Haas, Igel’s chief technology officer. “Considered a small form factor thin client, the UD3 already packs a powerful punch in terms of high-performance multimedia functionality. By combining Windows 10 IoT Enterprise’s advanced security features with our industry-leading endpoint management software, we are providing businesses across the healthcare, manufacturing, retail and other sectors with a best-in-class end-user computing experience designed for today’s multimedia knowledge workers.”
The thin client uses an AMD Embedded G-Series Steppe Eagle quad-core processor and comes with 4Gbyte RAM and 32Gbyte flash memory. In addition to Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, the UD3 also supports Igel OS, a secure Linux-based operating system. Providing a modern and customisable user interface, Igel OS enables the hardware-accelerated decoding of multimedia content and protocols with supported chipsets.
The thin clients also include support for high-performance video and graphics capabilities, including HD video and 4K video streaming.
“The wide-range of capabilities already available with the Igel UD3, when combined with support for the Windows IoT Enterprise platform, enable organisations of all sizes to improve end-user productivity, while at the same time gaining greater security and control over their endpoints,” said Haas.
Through the Igel Universal Management Suite (UMS), a single endpoint manager, IT organisations can also benefit from automated backend control of their Igel endpoints.
“The Igel UMS is purpose-built to simplify complex enterprise environments,” said Haas. “We are second to none in our ability to support a diverse array of devices and operating systems, including Windows 10 IoT Enterprise.”
The UD3 also comes pre-configured to support virtualisation protocols such as Citrix HDX, Microsoft RDP/Remote FX and VMware Horizon. Organisations can add or re-configure these supported virtualisation protocols leveraging the UMS to transition between protocols, and make changes to their entire network of thin clients, or a specific endpoint. The UMS also lets IT organisations add and remove endpoint devices, and perform software upgrades as needed.
Each thin client comes with a free extended five-year hardware warranty, and includes a software licence that provides access to regular and frequent firmware updates, enabling IT organisations to preserve their hardware investment while taking advantage of new features and functionality that become available.