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Standards bodies combine forces to accelerate IoT growth

Steve Rogerson
December 22, 2016
Four major standards bodies have collaborated on a white paper covering semantic interoperability for the IoT. The IEEE Standards Association, AIOTI, OneM2M and W3C are working together to drive development and standardisation for accelerated IoT market growth.
The joint white paper is called “Semantic Interoperability for the Web of Things”. IEEE P2413 is an IEEE Standards Association project that aims to develop a standard architecture framework for the IoT, including descriptions of various IoT domains, definitions of IoT domain abstractions, and identification of commonalities between different IoT domains.
“Semantic interoperability is a core value of the IoT and IEEE P2413 is keen to continue this conversation and to build upon the collaborative spirit that led to the creation of this document,” said Oleg Logvinov, chair of IEEE P2413 and president and CEO of IoTecha. “In doing so, we can better develop and refine our views for semantic interoperability in the IEEE P2413 architectural framework for IoT.”
The joint white paper presents a position statement underscoring the importance of semantic interoperability in the IoT, helping set the tone for an open discussion among all organisations that will help drive collaboration, convergence and alignment in the area of semantic interoperability.
“The joint white paper is a valuable initial step for building a common understanding across organisations about the vital role that semantic descriptions can play in enabling interoperability,” said Dave Raggett, W3C lead.
Patrick Guillemin, chair AITOI WG3, added: “AIOTI WG3 has been a strong contributor to the conversation around semantic interoperability and this white paper places emphasis on this key topic, as well as the desire to develop a common approach, efforts that WG3 will continue to build upon.”
The document has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 international licence so content can be freely shared and adapted provided users follow the agreed guidelines. The joint white paper has also been published on ResearchGate and can be referenced as DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.25758.13122.
“Interoperability will accelerate IoT and M2M, which is critical for continued innovation and adoption,” said Omar Elloumi, OneM2M technical plenary chair. “This new white paper provides the technology roadmap and vision on how key stakeholders, including OneM2M, are aligning behind the next technological revolution that’s represented by an emerging connected society.”
The editor of the white paper Paul Murdock added: “This effort was initiated as a cross-organisational action. Members of AIOTI WG3, IEEE P2413, OneM2M, W3C, as well as other individuals, stepped forward to provide contributions and to shape the content into a paper that captures the current thinking on ontological approaches for semantic interoperability. The white paper focuses the conversation and further challenges the community to develop an open and shared roadmap for semantic interoperability that will drive further growth in the IoT.”