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IBM partners Wisekey to secure IoT

Steve Rogerson
March 22, 2018
At this week’s Think 2018 event in Las Vegas, IBM announced it was using technology from Swiss cyber-security company Wisekey to secure its IoT offerings.
The collaboration aims to provide enhanced security of sensitive data exchanged between devices across IoT networks and the IBM Watson IoT platform by adding extended capabilities to secure IoT devices and the management thereof from a central location. By doing so, users can benefit from an increased trust in the data handled by their application, and a reduced risk of revenue loss due to cyber attacks of all kinds.
The Watson IoT platform is a cognitive system that learns from and infuses intelligence into the physical world. Device manufacturers and businesses can use the platform to build specialised, integrated products to solve their business problems.
The platform implements a messaging broker that allows the exchange of information between devices and business applications, using secure public key infrastructure (PKI) technology to bring authentication and data encryption. This implies a seamless integration with the Wisekey concept of root of trust (RoT) that delivers the digital identity that can be leveraged later in the Watson IoT platform.
Wisekey says it is the only vendor in the industry providing an integrated combination of a back-end certificate and device management system with a hardware RoT, a secure element (highly secure crypto chip) that protects the digital identity and certificates to bring trust to the transmitted data through secure authentication of the device and related encryption of the data channel.
Going a step further, Wisekey IoT components for the Watson platform are available to IBM's technology users. This is an easy mechanism to create and deploy these digital certificates, as well as a security broker that manages communications by verifying the security level of the messages and implementing security and business rules, such as renewing certificates, managing attributes and other key capabilities that make a difference when deploying securely large numbers of connected devices.
The Watson IoT platform combined with the Wisekey security technology was demonstrated on IBM’s stand at Think 2018.
"The fact of IBM choosing Wisekey to provide security technology to complement their Watson IoT offering validates our strategy and differential value proposition, based on a vertical platform approach that secures the IoT, from the root of trust to the chip," said Carlos Moreira, founder and CEO of Wisekey.