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IBM helps Sogeti build hybrid cloud applications

Steve Rogerson
June 25, 2015
Sogeti, a subsidiary of the French Cap Gemini Group, is to use IBM’s Bluemix cloud platform as a service (PaaS) to help developers and clients in 15 countries integrate and analyse data easier and more efficiently.
Bluemix should help Sogeti build hybrid cloud applications across public, private and on-premise infrastructure faster, leveraging IBM’s open-standards based approach to the cloud to streamline integration of data.
In addition to opening access to Bluemix for its own developers, Sogeti will use it to power existing end-user services for commerce, the IoT and data analytics for clients in retail, healthcare, transportation, energy and utilities. In fact, using its SmartEngine gateway, Sogeti has already built a service with IBM Bluemix for managing smarter buildings.
By connecting sensors that use different protocols and data formats on Bluemix, Sogeti can provide clients with insights on the performance of their HVAC, lighting and other energy-producing processes, which they will use to reduce energy costs, optimise environmental impact and increase security. Sogeti will use the same combination of its SmartEngine and IBM’s IoT service on Bluemix to provide insights on data for clients in various industries, including manufacturing, agriculture and utilities management.
“As the cloud continues to transform how we collaborate and work with technology, many of our clients are looking to build more and more of their apps and systems with the cloud,” said Andreas Sjöström, vice president at Sogeti. “However, many are still hesitating to make such a transition, due to requirements around data privacy, security and performance in the cloud. With Bluemix Dedicated, we are able to help address these concerns by offering dedicated servers and cloud data centres, while still offering the highly valuable benefits of a cloud infrastructure, such as accelerated business speed, collaboration and visibility.”
Bluemix runs on SoftLayer cloud infrastructure and combines IBM’s middleware software with other open services and tools from IBM partners and its developer ecosystem to offer DevOps in the cloud. With access to an array of cloud based development tools including Cloudant’s scalable database-as-a-service and data caching services, developers can use Bluemix to speed application development times for applications for business, mobile, IoT, social engagement and more.
“We’re constantly adding new services to the IBM Cloud to help our developer ecosystem collaborate easier, manage costs, speed time to market, communicate better with their clients and take advantage of their data to drive growth,” said Steve Robinson, general manager of IBM Cloud platform services. “By partnering with IBM, Sogeti will ensure that its own developers and clients will be able to achieve efficiency through innovation with a scalable cloud platform that’s designed for the enterprise.”
IBM total cloud revenue – covering public, private and hybrid engagements – was $7.7bn over the previous 12 months at the end of March 2015; it grew more than 60 per cent in first quarter of 2015. IBM’s cloud delivered as a service business, a subset of the total, includes Softlayer’s infrastructure offerings.
Sogeti provides technology and software testing, specialising in application, infrastructure and engineering services. It provides services around testing, business intelligence and analytics, mobile, cloud and cyber security, combining methodologies and its global delivery model, Rightshore. The company brings together more than 20,000 professionals in 15 countries and has a strong local presence in over 100 locations in Europe, USA and India. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cap Gemini.
• Kyoto, Japan, based Nidec is jointly developing big data analysis technology with IBM Japan to improve production ratio via early detection of problems and shortening downtime via better factor analysis efficiency for various production equipment and machinery equipped with the Nidec Group's motors.