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IAR and Secure Thingz collaborate on IoT security

Steve Rogerson
November 2, 2017
At Arm TechCon in California last week, IAR Systems and Secure Thingz announced the next step in their collaboration to provide technology to simplify the development of secure, connected devices.
With the rapidly evolving IoT comes an urgent need for new ways of ensuring security across development, production and use of connected products. Manufacturers must find strong and efficient methods to protect their brands as well as prohibit counterfeiting or overproduction, and should integrate these methods as part of their regular workflow.
To meet these demands, development tools must evolve to encompass security and facilitate the production of secure IoT software. Tools vendors can help by providing ways to simplify the setup of an extended and unified security workflow from development and debugging to manufacturing. This will enable an easy handover from development to mass production, as well as assist implementation of versioning and rollback policies, and simplify certificate and key implementation.
In April 2017, Sweden-based IAR Systems announced that it was taking an initial ten per cent equity stake in Secure Thingz. The investment was made because IAR Systems has a strong belief that Secure Thingz can create the necessary security in a world of connected devices and products.
“The connected world, and the challenges that come with it, is driving changes in the way many of our customers are working,” said Stefan Skarin, CEO and president of IAR Systems. ”Our customers are facing critical IoT security concerns, and we want to ease their burden by providing new solutions for developing with security. The joint efforts by IAR Systems and Secure Thingz are focused on making it easier to integrate security in a day-to-day workflow that can be extended to cover also aspects of security that is currently hard to fit as part of the development stage.”
The companies’ joint products can enable secure device identities and privileges, allowing manufacturers and users to establish secure supply chains of trust, from silicon device manufacturing to product deployment and updates.
“To realise the full potential of the IoT, security must be at the foundation,” said Krishna Anne, president and CEO of Secure Thingz. “Implementing effective robust security has previously been complex, but Secure Thingz and IAR Systems have been working together on strategies to simplify security implementations. Through our collaboration, we are making security more easily accessible and seamlessly integrated into the development workflow.”
Also at the conference, FCI announced it had chosen IAR Systems as the preferred tools vendor for FC9000, a low-power wifi SoC enabling year-plus battery life for most designs. Using IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm together with FC9000, developers can take advantage of the low-power features of the SoC platform, boosting development of battery-powered connected products within the IoT.
FCI, a part of Silicon Motion Technology, specialises in mobile communications products.
Companies using it can use the SoC’s battery-powered wifi communications from the edge node all the way to the gateway of their connected system. This speeds up development as well as saves resources and extends battery life.
“We selected IAR Embedded Workbench as the toolchain of choice because it provides a good balance of execution speed, code size and power consumption for our customers who are integrating FC9000 into their end product designs,” says Sangwoo Han, president of FCI.