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IAR buys stake in Secure Thingz

Steve Rogerson
April 27, 2017
Sweden’s IAR Systems has bought an initial ten per cent stake in California-based Secure Thingz as the two companies plan to work together to enable more secure, connected devices across their lifecycle.
IAR supplies software tools and services for embedded development and Secure Thingz is a provider of security focused on the IoT.
The alliance is primarily focused on technology innovation to simplify the integration of security and enable the management of critical intellectual property within the product development process. Industry analysts predict there will be 27 billion IoT connections in 2025, representing a $3tn revenue opportunity.
However, delivering completely secure, embedded systems is a major challenge, especially within high-growth markets such as critical infrastructure, industrial IoT and automotive, as multiple high-profile security breaches have already impacted these industries.
Secure Thingz delivers products and services for the development, deployment and management of next-generation, secure devices.
“Traditional solutions for IoT security are unable to defend against rapidly advancing threats,” said Krishna Anne, CEO of Secure Thingz. “The Secure Thingz approach, with our partners, focuses on delivering robust security foundations, which can be leveraged across the device lifecycle. IAR Systems has a proven history of creating software tools and services for robust embedded development. Through our partnership, we will provide a one-stop solution to seamlessly integrate security and simplify the development process.”
IAR Systems offers complete software tools to ensure quality, reliability and efficiency in embedded development. The companies’ joint products could enable secure device identities and privileges, allowing manufacturers and users to establish secure supply chains of trust, from silicon device manufacture to end-user product deployment and updates.
“The best way to take advantage of the possibilities of the connected world is by sharing knowledge, establishing strong strategic alliances and providing new technology offerings,” said Stefan Skarin, CEO of IAR Systems. “We are now investing in Secure Thingz as we believe its solutions really can create the necessary security in a world of connected devices and products. The market for security is expected to grow enormously in many areas, especially due to the rise of the IoT, and we plan to focus more on these specific areas, both to position us in the near future and in the long run.”