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Humera Malik wins Women of M2M and IoT award

Steve Rogerson
April 13, 2016
Humera Malik, founder of Canadian company Dat-uh, has won the annual Women of M2M and IoT award, which was presented this month at the Connected World Conference in San Francisco.
Dat-uh provides industrial IoT analytics. Malik was recognised for her contributions for fostering the growth of technology in the IoT and M2M space.
“I believe women need to play a larger role in creating the products of the future,” said Malik. “In a world that is becoming increasingly dependent on technology, it is especially important we have an equal say in defining what this world will look like, and work to expand opportunities for women across every field so tomorrow’s technology can truly reflect the needs of everyone – male or female.”
As the founder and CEO of start-up technology software company Dat-uh, Malik brings her expertise in technology and product management to her role in developing products for the industrial internet of things. She and her team have created cloud-based analytics designed for the industrial IoT. This leverages machine-learning techniques with automated modelling to gather, and analyse sensor data for industrial IoT applications.
And, as a partner at Quexor Group, Malik advises companies on IoT go-to-market strategies. She cofounded the technology consultancy business in 2010. Today, the company just happens to be 100 per cent powered by women. Its client list includes companies such as Google and Microsoft.
Malik is also a founding member of Women of the Digital World, which showcases the achievements attained by women in the industry and offers inspiration to those starting out in their careers. She regularly publishes articles and is a frequent speaker at industry events.
“This year, we’ve selected women from many walks of life who make a difference in a variety of ways, each important in their own right,” said Peggy Smedley from the conference organiser. “There are thought leaders in emerging, even experimental technologies; managers in government pursuing data-driven decision making and cutting-edge technology adoption; engineers, nurses, scientists, teachers, authors and several PhDs; genius marketers and powerful networkers; executives representing construction, sports, fashion, energy and smart home; and more than a few leaders who are likened to superheroes by those around them.”