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Huawei signs MoUs to boost NB-IoT in Middle East

Steve Rogerson
November 1, 2017

Chinese company Huawei has signed agreements with two companies to promote the growth of the IoT and build a IoT ecosystem in the Middle East. Nextek is an IT and software provider and integrator, and Quectel supplies wireless modules.
The two companies will cooperate with Huawei to build narrow-band IoT (NB-IoT) products that target the needs of regional organisations.
In the Middle East, the IoT is being driven by smart cities. Governments from this region have made smart city expansion a key goal of their national agendas, leading to the deployment of innovative projects that stand as a reference for smart city development worldwide. The Smart City Center of Excellence in Dubai acts as a platform for industry leaders to share their knowledge and collaborate to keep progressing the field.
“Huawei believes that the key to driving smart city development in the region is to create an ecosystem of partners and vendors working together to co-create solutions that precisely target the needs of their respective vertical sector,” said Su Wang, vice president of marketing for Huawei Middle East. “We are eager to work with partners like Nextek and Quectel to drive IoT development and commercialisation in the region. Through joint investments and collaboration between manufacturers, operators, ICT providers, application software developers, research institutes and even governments, the pace of growth of IoT will keep accelerating.”
Huawei has been active in IoT development across the Middle East, collaborating with Etisalat to launch the first successful trial of smart parking in the region. Huawei partners with Jeddah Municipality to implement smart city services in the region. Zain has already deployed IoT services in Saudi Arabia with the help of Huawei, aimed at ensuring a better life for its citizens.
“Nextek is very eager to cooperate with Huawei for IoT and smart cities project in the Middle East and globally,” said Karim Rahemtulla, managing director of Nextek. “We understand the local markets very well and the need for IoT for various verticals. Nextek is well positioned to contribute as a software provider and integrator.”
To accelerate the development of the IoT industry and enrich the ecosystem, Huawei has deployed a hosting centre that serves as a secure platform for operators in the region. Huawei’s OpenLab in Dubai provides regional partners with a platform to test and customise various technologies to target the vertical sectors most relevant to the Middle East, particularly public safety, smart cities, transportation, education, and oil and gas.
“As one of the first NB-IoT module manufacturers in the world, Quectel is willing to explore the Middle East market together with partners across the industrial chain including operators, local IoT device vendors and distributors to contribute to the smart city vision in the Middle East region,” said Doron Zhang, senior vice president of Shanghai-based Quectel.