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Huawei and Software AG partner on one-stop IoT shop

Steve Rogerson
March 29, 2017
Chinese electronics giant Huawei is partnering with Germany’s Software AG to create a one-stop IoT shop. The partnership aims to deliver the hardware and software needed to provide a cloud based IoT platform and the streaming analytics at the edge that will allow for speed and flexibility in operational and strategic decisions and responses.
As the IoT increasingly impacts enterprises and the global economy, more industrial enterprises understand that the business opportunities are too vast; the challenges from new competitors to unpredictable and new customer expectations are too high for any enterprise to sit still.
To enable enterprises to take full control of their business strategies and make them flexible enough to react to the demands of digitalisation when and where they need to, Huawei and Software AG are bringing together their core IoT competencies. 
"The internet of things, whether through smart industries, smart cities, smart energy and connected cars will impact society and the global economy on a massive scale," said Eric Duffaut, chief customer officer at Software AG. “It will be truly game changing for every enterprise. The power and breadth of Huawei's cloud and IoT platforms combined with the software based intelligence and integration capabilities of Software AG's digital business platform will allow any enterprise to harness the IoT and develop global, innovative digital products or services."
Huawei's hardware and software offerings for cloud and edge computing, Huawei's Open IoT platform and network Infrastructure capabilities combined with Software AG's streaming analytics, hybrid enterprise integration and predictive analytics should let users adopt and deploy a full IoT infrastructure from the cloud to the edge.
"With Software AG's capabilities, we are able to maximise the value of IoT and make it accessible to our customers wherever required," said Vincent Pang, president of Huawei in Western Europe. “It fits seamlessly into our IoT vision. This cooperation continues to reflect our on-going commitment to building cloud ecosystems with partners, and helping our European customers achieve greater business success."
The partnership will have an initial focus on Europe. In the spirit of a modern partner ecosystem both companies are keen on broadening and completing the offerings via additional partners who can add specific industry, integration and technology expertise.