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Hewlett Packard and Intel cooperate on IoT development

Steve Rogerson
November 19, 2015
Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel are cooperating to deliver open standards based IoT products and services that will let organisations quickly gain insights and create value from the growing amount of data collected from devices and sensors. The two companies will also establish three global IoT labs to help customers accelerate their deployment of IoT applications.
The future of IoT is moving intelligence and analysis outside of the traditional data centre to the edge. Increased intelligence at the edge of an organisation’s network will allow faster access to relevant data, require less bandwidth to transport useless data, and ultimately accelerate the time to insight for enterprises.
HP Enterprise’s IoT products and IT experience combined with the Intel IoT Platform and product portfolio could deliver products that will sit at the edge and collect, process and analyse data from sensors and devices. These systems are designed to sit outside of the traditional data centre and will use Intel Core i5 and Atom processors.
“Achieving business outcomes from IoT can be daunting for organisations today due to the complexity of integrating many heterogeneous systems and technologies across devices, edge, network and data centres,” said Alain Andreoli, senior vice president at California-based HP Enterprise. “With Intel, we will deliver new IoT solutions for data analytics and control at the edge of the network, empowering customers to quickly make informed decisions and drive business outcomes.”
In addition, the two companies are operating three global IoT discovery labs to help organisations experiment and test IoT applications and devices in a secure and confidential environment. The labs will be in HP Enterprise facilities in Texas, France and Singapore. To complement the labs, HP Enterprise is also introducing reference architectures to provide customers with a proven template for delivering IoT products.
“The alignment of Intel and Hewlett Packard Enterprise is the latest example of a growing IoT ecosystem forming to fulfil the IoT promise,” said Doug Davis, senior vice president at Intel. “Together, we are delivering new IoT solutions to customers, as well as providing the opportunity to test IoT applications in the IoT discovery labs, enabling lower integration risks and accelerated time to value.”
Global organisations are using HPE’s IoT products to achieve better business outcomes securely from devices, data and connectivity. In aggregate, HPE IoT systems are supporting thousands of customers and partners to manage millions of devices representing hundreds of use cases.
HPE is participating in key IoT technology consortiums and standards based bodies including Industrie 4.0 and the Industrial Internet Consortium to set the architectural framework and direction for the industrial internet. HPE is also setting standards for resilient and secure protocols through participation in the IP for Smart Objects (IPSO) alliance.