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HPE Aruba deploys AI for network security

William Payne
September 21, 2017
HPE network technology subsidiary Aruba has launched analytics software to improve enterprise network security. Aruba 360 Secure Fabric is designed to help organisations reduce cybersecurity risks to their infrastructure. The company has also added new User and Entity Behavioural Analytics (UEBA) functions to its Introspect product family. This allows companies to employ behavioural machine learning to detect potential security threats.

Aruba IntroSpect ingests common data sources including Microsoft Active Directory or other LDAP authentication records and identity information, and firewall logs from sources such as Checkpoint, Palo Alto Networks, or Aruba monitoring (AMON) logs from Aruba infrastructure. Action can be taken quickly using the company's ClearPass product to quarantine, restrict, or remove identified threats.

The Advanced version of the Introspect product includes more than 100 supervised and unsupervised machine learning models that provide analytics and forensics from data such as packets, flows, logs, alerts, and endpoints, as well as mobile, cloud, and IoT traffic, increasing an organisation's effectiveness at identifying risk.

Chaining can link together the out-of-the-box machine learning models to create new detection scenarios and risk scores.

The technology can classify and profile IoT and mobile devices even if known only by their IP address. ClearPass can classify a surveillance camera or a factory sensor, and IntroSpect will benchmark its behaviour amongst its peer group. Introspect will flag unusual device behaviour based on peer group comparisons, which is important in extending UEBA functionality to the growing classes of IoT devices.

Embedded into Aruba's networking infrastructure is the Aruba Secure Core, which provides network protection including secure boot, embedded firewalls, centralised encryption, deep packet inspection, and intrusion prevention.

The Aruba 360 Security Exchange Programme combines the partners and technical resources from the IntroSpect Technology Programme and the Aruba ClearPass Exchange Programme.

The Aruba IntroSpect Standard and Advanced editions are generally available now in North America, with limited availability in select countries. Global general availability is planned for 2018.