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HKT establishes one-stop shop for multiple IoT options

Steve Rogerson
February 1, 2018

Hong Kong telco HKT has established a one-stop IoT ecosystem with multiple connectivity technologies including NB-IoT, LoRa, 3G, 4G, LTE-M and wifi for enterprises. The announcement was made by Tom Chan (pictured), managing director of HKT’s commercial group.
The IoT has been playing an increasingly important role in many sectors, including property management, transportation and logistics, utilities, healthcare, retail, and infrastructure. It has made it easier for organisations, employees and strategic business assets to stay connected across multiple locations. Most importantly, the IoT helps enterprises collect real-time data and capitalise on the meaningful insights so they can identify possibilities for businesses and engage customers with more personalised services.
HKT's creation of an IoT ecosystem has only been made possible through collaboration with an extensive group of partners and industry experts, who have played critical roles in developing different intuitive technologies for different applications. The complete IoT ecosystem can capture data with sensors, transmit such data through secured fixed and mobile connectivity, and analyse the same at the data analytics platform, which is stored on HKT’s enterprise cloud.
The business environment can be monitored in real time, with predictions and business intelligence being continuously sent to enterprises for capturing business opportunities.
HKT, together with its mobile arm 1O1O, can deliver end-to-end IoT services, including consultancy, delivery, maintenance, technical support and managed services to enterprise customers. HKT aims at helping businesses optimise operations, enhancing the overall experience for consumers, ultimately driving better performance for enterprises.
"Powered by our leading fixed and mobile networks and multiple advanced connectivity technologies, we are pleased to develop the most comprehensive IoT ecosystem with end-to-end solutions in Hong Kong,” said Chan. “We strongly believe that IoT is a disruptive technology that will drive digital transformation across many industries in Hong Kong."
Last week, HKT demonstrated to business partners and the media how the IoT could help enterprises enhance their efficiencies, improve customer experience and increase their profitability in the long run.
One such business is Hong Kong & China Gas, which started to explore NB-IoT technology development with 1O1O to enhance its existing automated meter reading (AMR) in early 2017. In the past few months, it conducted an NB-IoT pilot in various districts around Hong Kong with 1O1O, and was satisfied with the results.
“Their coverage and the much stronger signal penetration of NB-IoT are very suitable for enhancing our AMR system,” said a company statement. “We do expect that this new technology will help Towngas further improve our effective resources planning and ultimately deliver better services to our customers."
Hopewell Holding said its tenants' comfort and enjoyment of a good physical environment were important, and 1O1O's facility management system was ensuring that air quality in its facilities was monitored and maintained at a high standard round the clock. It enables immediate action to address any potential air quality concern during tenants' renovation work and it drives improvement among operations.
“Delivering premium service quality is always our commitment,” said a Hopewell statement. “Our attention to good air quality is the proof of our service excellence."
Another user is Great Loyal Logistics, a logistics company whose vision is to provide the cargo services at a cost effective rate while ensuring safe and fast delivery of goods. It is using IoT-based fleet management integrated with real-time imaging, proposed by HKT and 1O1O. Customers and management can access location and status of the goods anytime and anywhere. This also helps save costs and optimise operations by monitoring drivers' behaviour and providing real-time delivery information.
“These insights are very helpful for us to enhance our service to customers," said a statement from the company.