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Hirschmann partners Inthinc to launch M2M gateway module

Steve Rogerson
July 10, 2015
German company Hirschmann, a supplier of antenna and transceiver systems, has partnered with telematics service provider Inthinc to launch an M2M gateway module. The module provides communications and connectivity for fleet vehicles and heavy-duty lorries, as well as construction and agricultural equipment, offering telematics service providers and their customers reduced time to market and reduced complexity in system design.
"Our new M2M gateway is the ultimate connectivity device for telematics service providers, offering a 3G upgrade from existing 2G devices today, with a migration to 4G in the near future," said Hirschmann USA president Frank Homann. "Coupled with the unit's GPS and Wifi capabilities and an open source development environment, we now can offer a single box that partners like Inthinc can rapidly deploy for their targeted customers and applications."
The module allows flexibility to use one telematics device in various applications without the need to re-design and re-certifiy existing communications hardware. For example, it can be used in vehicle cabs to provide GSM communications and positioning capabilities to a telematics unit without the required modems.
In addition, Wifi enabled peripheral devices can connect to the internet by taking advantage of the integrated Wifi router. The gateway also has open source, WRT Linux-based firmware enabling customer-driven feature development, including security, logging, monitoring and tracking applications, without complicated and expensive licensing.
The module has a rugged metal housing and an operating temperature of -40 to +85ËšC. It is also certified to operate in several geographic regions including the USA, Canada and Australia with specific carrier and telematics certifications, including PTCRB, FCC, UL, ICES and RCM.
"We're pleased to launch the Hirschmann M2M gateway to augment our WaySmart telematics solution," said Todd Follmer, CEO at Salt Lake City-based Inthinc. "The M2M gateway enables higher speed connectivity and data throughput, which in turn allows Inthinc to deliver on our core values including driver safety, fleet operational efficiency and regulatory compliance."
With a global workforce of approximately 900 employees, Hirschmann has a product portfolio that includes antennas, smart antennas, communications modules with embedded transceivers, tracking devices and in-vehicle entertainment for most terrestrial and satellite based services.
Since inception in 1997, Inthinc has focused its efforts on developing products to impact driver behaviour. At the heart of this approach is the safe driving system, which mentors drivers to help them be better, safer and more efficient.