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Gorilla amalgamates AI big data with cyber security

Steve Rogerson
March 21, 2018

Gorilla Technology, a Taiwanese provider of video intelligence and IoT technology, has launched its Security Convergence platform, an amalgam of its core AI-based video big data analytics with cyber and network security.
The platform leverages machine learning, facial recognition, network intelligence, AI-powered edge computing and big data video analytics to tap network traffic and multiple data streams – mobile, CCTV, IP, geo and more – to improve overall physical and cyber security postures, enabling law enforcement and businesses to detect and proactively predict suspicious activities before they occur.
Many cyber crimes incorporate a physical component, whether from a site visitor, data centre repair or even ATM maintenance. Once they have physical access to connected network devices, they can install or download drivers and other malicious code, introducing a vulnerability that can be later exploited. Because of these factors, cameras ranging from webcams in data centres to the KPN and ATMs must be investigated – which most IT professionals do not fully understand – in context with digital evidence related to cyber crimes.
“Cyber security is often focused on conventional threats, but new advanced persistent threats and malware attacks are becoming unconventional, taking advantage of every new attack surface such as in the physical domain,” said Spincer Koh, CEO and co-founder of Gorilla Technology. “Monitoring this environment is becoming increasingly complex as ever-larger quantities of video and IoT sensor-related data need to be processed, analysed and managed in context to digital forensic evidence. However, these data often become siloed limiting their analytic potential and value.”
The Gorilla platform encompasses five integrated modules that analyse disparate data sources, including terabytes of unstructured data from live video streams, network packets, semi-structured data (open source intelligence) and structured data such as external databases. These components are:

  • Network surveillance: Network data collection and analysis;
  • Cyber security: Detect, identify and respond to network threat;
  • Open source intelligence: Visualise network insights;
  • Electronic security: IVAR (intelligent video analytics recorder), iPlatform (viewing alerts and live streams), FVS (fast video search) and BAP (biometric authentication provider); and
  • TIBD: Threat intelligence big data integration and management.
The Security Convergence platform conducts real-time searches and tracking of people, vehicles and devices or other objects, and can be remotely administered. It facilitates watch list creation to specify both unusual activities that indicate criminal intent and individuals known to pose a risk, thereby reducing manual effort and limiting human error. Intrusion detection capabilities identify suspects quickly and, upon event occurrence, will alert designated personnel with push notifications to keep security and relevant management aware of situations occurring.
“Our goal is to bridge the gap between conventional and IT security,” said Koh. “For example, our platform’s robust facial recognition solution, using advanced AI machine learning, geolocation and other solutions, was able to foil a cross-national $60m bank heist in just three days. It was not only able to reveal the identities of both criminals, but it was also able to clear the unfortunate owner of the IP address spoofed during the heist. This is only one of many real-world scenarios that our platform can play a fundamental role in resolving an investigation successfully and quickly.”
Gorilla Technology will demonstrate the platform at ISC West 2018 in Las Vegas next month.
Gorilla Technology, a privately held company established in 2000, is a provider of video intelligence, network intelligence and IoT technology. It develops video-centric and content management applications including smart retail, smart school, smart enterprise, smart surveillance and broadcast media. In addition, Gorilla provides complete security convergence to government institutes, telecoms companies and private enterprises with network surveillance and cyber security.