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GlobalPlatform task force to explore IoT requirements in China

Steve Rogerson
December 8, 2016
Standards body GlobalPlatform has launched a China Task Force (CTF) to give Chinese members, and all GlobalPlatform members with business interests in China, a dedicated platform to identify and agree on requirements across sectors including mobile, the IoT, identity and premium content.
The task force aims to identify and agree on requirements from the region and work directly with Chinese industry and standards associations. The group will share its insights with GlobalPlatform’s technical committees to ensure that the organisation’s specifications continue to evolve in line with the needs of this market.
“The task force will promote secure chip technology adoption for the protection of sensitive digital services across sectors including mobile, the IoT, identity and premium content among others,” said Kevin Gillick, executive director of GlobalPlatform. “A programme of meetings and workshops, local language documents and promotional materials, and the definition of region-specific use cases will support this goal.”
Vicky Guo from the China Academy of Information and Communication Technology (CAICT) has been appointed chair of this group. She combines 11 years of experience in the mobile security industry, focusing on TEE trusted execution environment architecture and technology, with experience of writing standards for the China Communications Standards Association (CCSA).
“It is a great honour to chair this task force and represent GlobalPlatform’s Chinese membership,” said Guo. “GlobalPlatform’s secure element and TEE specifications are at the forefront of trusted end-to-end service deployment and application management globally. I look forward to working with my colleagues within this forum to support the continued evolution of these standards and driving further adoption in China.”
An influential and experienced group of vice-chairs has also been appointed to support the CTF. Alibaba’s Fang Qiang will be the group’s third party payment and internal ecosystem services expert, and Victor An of DPLS Labs will lend his specialist insight into banking and finance. Xinmiao Chang of Huawei’s specialism is TEE, SE and emerging technologies, while Michael Lu of Trustonic will bring his expertise in premium content and digital rights management.
“There is a huge appetite for standardisation in areas relating to GlobalPlatform technologies in China,” said Gillick. “As such, the group will bring value beyond our Chinese membership; many, if not all, GlobalPlatform members have an interest in the Chinese market so the benefits of this activity will be far reaching. The CTF has been created on the back of exceptional growth in numbers of, and engagement from, members in China and will provide a valuable platform to further membership growth in the region. Undoubtedly, the group, reflecting requirements from the Chinese market, will help drive innovation across our technologies.”
GlobalPlatform defines and develops specifications to facilitate the secure deployment and management of multiple embedded applications on secure chip technology. Its standardised infrastructure aims to empower service providers to develop services once and deploy across different markets, devices and channels. Its security and privacy parameters enable dynamic combinations of secure and non-secure services from multiple providers on the same device, providing a foundation for market convergence and cross-sector partnerships.
As a non-profit, member-driven association, GlobalPlatform has cross-market representation from all continents. More than 120 members contribute to technical committees and market-led task forces.