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Google launches IoT cloud

William Payne
May 18, 2017

Google has launched a new cloud platform to connect IoT devices to the Google cloud. Google Cloud IoT Core is designed to be an industrial grade IoT cloud providing secure and robust performance. IoT data collected via Cloud IoT Core can be managed and integrated with Google's data analytics services, the company has said.

The new service is aimed at a range of enterprises, with utilities and transportation companies seen as likely early adopters.

One company that has piloted the technology is Energyworx, a California based data analytics firm that provide operational data intelligence to energy utilities. Energyworx has used Cloud IoT Core to acquire real-time data readings from solar inverters and electrical vehicle charging ports throughout California.

Field device data protocols can be translated by Cloud IoT Core automatically, and control commands can be sent to meters and other field devices to turn them on or off.

Google appears to be pricing Cloud IoT Core aggressively, with prices reported to be around 10% of comparative services currently in the market.