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Eurotech announces IoT development kits

Steve Rogerson
September 15, 2016

Italian embedded system provider Eurotech has announced a series of IoT development kits based on its gateways for industrial and lightly rugged applications.
The kits provide a complete design environment allowing engineers to simplify the development process and reduce time to market. Depending on the intended IoT application, a developer or architect can choose between different hardware platforms, ranging from small low-power ARM-based designs to powerful multi-core Intel Atom gateway platforms.
In addition to the already available i.MX6 based Reliagate 10-20, the family of Reliagate development kits has been expanded with the following models:

  • Reliagate 10-05, an NXP i.MX285 ARM-powered, compact customisable IoT gateway for industrial applications at less than 2W.
  • Reliagate 10-11, a TI AM335X ARM Cortex-A8 powered customisable low-power IoT gateway for intensive workloads in industrial, lightly rugged and automotive applications.
  • Reliagate 20-25, an Intel Atom E38xx powered customisable IoT gateway for industrial and lightly rugged applications.
The kits are shipping with Everyware Software Framework (ESF), Eurotech’s IoT device middleware, a commercial enterprise-ready edition of Eclipse Kura, the open source Java and OSGi middleware for IoT gateways. Distributed and supported by Eurotech, ESF adds security, diagnostics, provisioning, remote access and full integration with Everyware Cloud, Eurotech’s IoT integration platform.
The kits include the selected gateway, validated device software (operating system, Java, OSGi, Everyware Software Framework, IoT middleware), cables, adapters, documentation and a free trial account for Everyware Cloud. The kits are for product developers, software developers and system integrators.
They are designed to evaluate individual IoT gateways including IO and networking functionality, develop software applications in Java for use with the end product, implement security features, use readily-developed, proven remote management functions, leverage and test embedded application management, and integrate seamlessly with IT applications and infrastructure.
With ESF as a foundation, the resulting modular and flexible device software architecture can reduce development time and improve both portability across hardware platforms and maintenance of the embedded applications over time.
“In IoT there is no one size fits all answer, especially when it comes to IoT gateways,” said Giuseppe Surace, CPO of Eurotech. “Eurotech’s portfolio efficiently supports most applications scenario. With the new range of IoT development kits, developers can select the best hardware for their applications from a price-performance perspective.”
Used on their own or with Everyware Cloud, the kits suit projects of any size.