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Essity and Microsoft partner for Health IoT

William Payne
September 21, 2017

One of the world's largest healthcare and cleansing products companies, Essity, is partnering Microsoft to develop new IoT applications to enhance its business. Swedish firm Essity has already developed IoT based products and data driven analytics that improve individual elderly care and nursing home management. The company is looking to build new IoT, Big Data and analytics health management applications using Microsoft's Azure cloud based computing platform.

Essity makes some of the the world's best-known hygiene and health products, including the Tork and TENA brands. The company began using big data to deliver smart healthcare solutions four years ago. Its first step was taking an Internet of Things (IoT) approach to incontinence care for nursing home residents. Essity's TENA Identifi is an incontinence care product designed to electronically track a patient's voiding patterns. The data is graphically converted into actionable, evidence-based reports to help nursing home staff optimise individualised continence care by ensuring that the right products are being used and that toilet routines are optimised, enhancing quality of life for nursing home residents.

In 2014, Essity's Tork brand brought an IoT approach to facility management in venues like stadiums, amusement parks, hospitals, airports and offices around the world. Through its Tork EasyCube facility management software, Essity allows cleaners and facility managers to track real-time data to ensure that soap and hand sanitiser, paper towels and bath tissue do not run out. This helps lower costs and improves customer experiences. The provide cleaning staff with real-time information on what is needed, when and where. This new data-driven cleaning saves time and boosts the productivity and job satisfaction of janitorial staff. 

"We are industry leaders in product design and quality, but in today's digital world we know we need to push the boundaries of innovation even further. The cooperation with Microsoft will contribute to increased value and improved service for our customers and consumers," says Robert Sjöström, SVP Strategy & Business Development, Essity.

"This collaboration will enable a new digital cloud platform for Essity to deliver even better products and services. By utilising IoT and advanced data analytical solutions Essity have the capability to support their customers with world class hygiene and health solutions", says Joacim Damgard, General Manager, Microsoft Sweden.