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Eseye and Burkard use IoT to fight crop disease

Steve Rogerson
November 29, 2017
Texas-based IoT cellular communications specialist Eseye has formed a product partnership with agricultural manufacturer Burkard Engineering to fight against crop disease.
Increasing the world’s food supply is a major issue. Crop diseases can have a devastating humanitarian and economic impact and with sustained global population growth it is estimated that by 2050 a 70 per cent increase in food production is required to ensure the world is fed.
With 20 to 40 per cent of the world’s crop losses attributed to disease, the accurate prediction and prevention of diseases is a vital area to address. Burkard Engineering has developed connected real-time pathogen monitoring equipment to provide an early warning system of crop disease risk.
The system uses Eseye’s AnyNet Secure global cellular data services to deliver data onto the AWS Cloud to provide farmers with tailored information from their own fields.
The Burkard Auto Sampler sits permanently within a farmer’s field remotely collecting DNA. Crop data are then transmitted back to the AWS Cloud where they are analysed and reported in a matter of minutes, enabling farmers to see exactly which fields are at risk and act accordingly to treat the crops.
“We are finally giving farmers an answer to their concerns over the ramifications of crop disease,” said Stuart Wili, managing director of Burkard. “This not only provides peace of mind, but also supports the environment, removes risk and saves precious time, resources and ultimately money.”
Once out of trials the product, which is part of the UK government’s Innovate UK project, is expected to scale globally.
“Eseye’s work with Burkard and AWS is a prime example of the range of economic, social and environmental benefits which can be reaped through IoT,” said Paul Marshall, chief customer officer at Eseye. “By using AnyNet Secure cellular and AWS Cloud, the agricultural industry can harness the knowledge and foresight from accurate data in making informed decisions. We are delighted to be part of this project and look forward to seeing the benefits rolled out across the globe.”
Eseye delivers global M2M cellular connectivity for the IoT. With more than 800 customers across the globe, Eseye is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with offices in UK, Europe, Brazil, Africa, Australia and India.