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Ericsson, Intel and Telenor bring IoT to Europe's wine growers

William Payne
October 20, 2015


 Ericsson together with Intel, Telenor and MyOmega have cooperated to build what is being claimed as the world’s first end to end secure Internet of Things implementation for wine growers and makers. The benefits for wine makers of the TracVino service is said to include lower costs, reduced environmental impact and increased revenue opportunities.

 Wine is an important part of the European economy as well as a key part of many European countries’ culture and diet. Europe exports globally around 26 billion euros of wine products each year.

 However, wine growing is highly affected environmental conditions and by seasonal fluctuations, which can alter the price of a harvest dramatically.

The TracVino cooperation between Ericsson, Telenor and MyOmega is designed to wine growers to collect data on air and soil humidity and temperature, as well as solar intensity, using IoT sensors and Intel-based IoT gateways connected to a cloud service. The data can be used to perform predictive analysis and to support resource management and real-time remote monitoring, leading to higher quality  production, lower costs and reduced environmental impact for winemakers.

 Four winemakers in the Mosel Valley, Germany are participating in the field trial already. The service and measurement results will be showcased at Broadband World Forum 2015, to be held October 20 to October 22, 2015 in London, UK.

 TracoVino services and solutions will be offered by MyOmega towards the winemakers. Telenor Connexion includes Ericsson's secure IoT service in its offering. This service is based on the Ericsson Device Connection Platform (DCP) integrated with the Authentication Federation Gateway. Built on the 3GPP standard Generic Bootstrapping Architecture for LTE, the implementation features the world's first end-to-end security and authentication capabilities for transferring sensor data to the cloud for processing and analysis.

 Bernd Möller, CEO, MyOmega System Technologies says: "Quality tools for the winemakers that are reducing their risks and improving the yield is our key offering. We are building with the TracoVino services and solution a first scalable IoT offering that combines sensors, IoT gateways and a secure and powerful communication solution. Thanks to Telenor's DCP and the Ericsson network technology we can scale towards the entire wine market. We base our gateways on technology provided through Intel."

 Ericsson DCP is a cloud-based IoT/machine-to-machine (M2M) platform that handles connectivity management, subscription management and OSS/BSS, enabling automation of business processes between operators and enterprises.

Intel will supply processors and LTE modems for the IoT gateways and MyOmega System Technologies, headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany, will provide sensor and gateway hardware and software.

  "The Internet of Things is poised to change our lives by connecting isolated objects to gain valuable  information and improved efficiencies," Rose Schooler, vice president of IoT Strategy at Intel.  "Together, Ericsson, Intel, MyOmega and Telenor Connexion are demonstrating with TracoVino an end-to-end solution connecting nature to the Cloud."

 Mats Lundquist, CEO, Telenor Connexion, Telenor Connexion, says: "By selecting DCP, Telenor Connexion can feel secure while delivering global connectivity that supports business critical applications. Telenor Connexion and Ericsson have a long tradition of working together to set the standards for IoT. Thanks to Ericsson's long experience in the field, we know that the solution can evolve and if necessary support additional revenue models and data-transfer solutions in the future. In addition, having one single global provider of connectivity enables the solution to be standardized no matter where it will be sold or used. (i.e. enables easy global expansion)"

 Anders Olin, Vice President, Product Area Network Functions, Business Unit Cloud & IP, Ericsson says: "By delivering standardized, secure end-to-end connectivity from IoT sensors to the cloud, this partnership represents a strong proof point for Ericsson's IoT leadership. We see great potential for scaling the service to winemakers globally and to additional industrial applications in the networked society, such as real estate management."