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Deutsche Telekom and SK Telecom extend 5G alliance

Steve Rogerson
August 25, 2016
German and Korean operators Deutsche Telekom and SK Telecom have extended their 5G alliance to include several technology leaders and operators from USA, Asia and Europe to ensure that the communications standard will meet all needs including IoT.
Deutsche Telekom and SK Telecom announced at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona a strategic business partnership to collaborate in the fields of services, IoT and related R&D areas such as 5G. Teaming up with more technology leaders around the globe should help identify and resolve key standards issues early and bring 5G to market sooner.
 “We are collaborating with a good mix of industry participants including AT&T, Huawei, Nokia, Ericsson, Qualcomm Technologies and Samsung to make the vision of a common worldwide standard come true right in time,” said Bruno Jacobfeuerborn, CTO of Deutsche Telekom. “From our point of view, the next release of the official 3GPP specifications is set to form the basis of 5G.”
When the industry completes the technology standard, the aim is for the roll-out experience to be smoother, which helps businesses and consumers start using 5G technology faster. That will help the market-leaders deliver value to customers more quickly.
“5G is making its way forward much faster than initially expected,” said Alex Jinsung Choi, CTO at SK Telecom. “For 5G to be successful, early harmonisation and standardisation are essential. SK Telecom and DT started initial collaboration on 5G technologies and are now expanding the scope with a larger group of relevant stakeholders to promote early harmonisation and expansion of the 5G ecosystem. We strongly believe this will serve as a foundation for future standardisation activities.”
DT and SK Telecom plan to deploy the world’s first transcontinental 5G trial network. The network’s architecture in South Korea and Germany will be based on key 5G technologies such as network functions virtualisation, software-defined infrastructure, distributed cloud and network slicing. The principal aim is to enable global reach for advanced 5G use cases by optimising user roaming experiences.

Based on analysis of the connected home market, Deutsche Telekom has won the 2016 European Frost & Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation. Deutsche Telekom has broken new ground in the connected home market with its Qivicon smart home platform. This enables communications among various connected home systems through its internet-connected gateway.

The Qivicon Home Base 2.0 is due to get its first public showing at next month’s IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin.