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Drone Tech lets RFID be added to existing UAVs

Steve Rogerson
May 3, 2016
Welsh company Drone Tech Aerospace in partnership with Oxfordshire-based Atkins has developed an RFID system that can be added to an existing UAV or drone to deliver real-time data feedback to engineers on the ground.
The technology was recently tested in a trial for Highways England and Connect Plus beneath a live viaduct on London's M25 orbital motorway. Drone Tech collaborated with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to obtain all necessary authorisation to fly within proximity of a live viaduct. According to the team at Drone Tech, the trial went exceedingly well.
"The results were fantastic,” said a Drone Tech statement. “The data from the trial are to be analysed before any further implementations are carried out."
RFID, or radio-frequency identification, leverages electromagnetic fields to identify and trace tags attached to objects. The trials conducted by Drone Tech were the first RFID trials using drones in the UK.
Drone Tech Aerospace offers aerial services, including robotic design and development, agricultural, photography, and survey systems.
The data from the recent trial are being analysed and will be used in the development of the new aerial RFID technology.