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Deutsche Telekom bundles provide quick start for IoT

Steve Rogerson
May 24, 2018

Deutsche Telekom is offering end-to-end bundles for a quick start in the IoT. These should help users manage the locations of assets and machines with asset tracking, boost machine efficiency with industrial machine monitoring, and order spare parts at the touch of a button.
The bundles are designed to help users ease their way into the IoT. They contain hardware, mobile connectivity, cloud storage and a web portal. Thanks to the incorporation of standard platforms, users can deploy and use these IoT products quickly and easily, without complex installation.
A component in all the bundles is access to Deutsche Telekom's IoT platform – the Cloud of Things powered by Cumulocity, which Deutsche Telekom operates in collaboration with Software AG.
The first end-to-end bundles cover asset tracking and industrial machine monitoring; more bundles for various industries and use cases will follow.
With the asset tracking bundle, questions about where a company's valuable mobile devices and machines are located could be a thing of the past. This secure, robust service lets users localise important assets and machines at any time, avoiding delays and unnecessary, expensive replacements of misplaced assets. In case of theft, asset tracking can trigger an alert quickly and expedite the resolution of the case. After all, the theft of working tools and supplies, machinery, and materials from companies and construction sites, for example, causes heavy losses every year. 
The asset tracking end-to-end package includes a tracker whose battery life has been optimised for long-term, mobile, outdoor use; access to the asset tracking web portal; wireless connectivity; and cloud storage. Integration and analysis of the data in downstream systems such as SAP are possible at any time and it can be tailored to companies' needs thanks to the open interfaces.
The industrial machine monitoring bundle lets companies automate the monitoring of their machinery, giving them real-time information about their current status. After a few configuration steps, the machine data can be transferred quickly. All machines and devices that use an industry protocol such as Modbus RTU can be connected with Deutsche Telekom's IoT platform, visualised and monitored through the Cloud Fieldbus. The predictive maintenance that the monitoring makes possible can cut costs, increase machine availability and useful life in the long term, and improve quality.
Another straightforward product for getting started with the IoT is Deutsche Telekom's service button. This lets companies retrofit production equipment, workshops, construction sites or hospitals, to make them smart and connect them with the IoT. A button can be configured to order spare parts, trigger a pickup for full containers or report technical malfunctions when pressed, for example. The button can be installed anywhere, under the plug-and-play principle, and functions independently of the power grid and company networks.