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Conrad platform connects devices from different makers

Steve Rogerson
December 15, 2016

German family business Conrad Electronic has introduced a platform that lets users connect smart devices from different manufacturers and displays data on an easy-to-use, intuitive dashboard. The Conrad Connect platform is for operations managers and maintenance workers to record user data, and monitor and manage many different smart devices.
The incoming information from several on-site pre-installed Netamo weather stations, for example, can be displayed, compared and analysed on the platform’s dashboard. In addition the data can be connected with other independent smart devices to control and optimise room temperatures and reduce energy costs.
Moreover, smart safety applications, such as door and window sensors from Innogy, can be integrated and controlled via this online platform. It is possible to set up daily routine checks for open and closed windows and gates as well as a burglary alarm. For example, if a hall gate is opened at night, all lights will be lit at once and the user will receive a message on the platform. This is also supported by a push message being sent to the operator’s smartphone. In this way, the company owners or security are immediately informed and can react quickly.
Conrad Connect works as a type of translator and summarises the settings of all connected devices on one dashboard. The freely configurable dashboard options allow users to manage and monitor their devices via an internet browser on a desktop PC, notebook or tablet. No additional software is needed to operate the platform.
Based on the logic concept IfTTT (if this then that), rule options can be enabled, allowing for the intelligent linking of devices and follow-on tasks to meet the user’s needs. For example, connected LEDs can remind users to air the room by changing its colour to red if the installed sensor detects moisture or increased levels of CO2.
This can be achieved through a few inputs directly on the dashboard or via the integrated graphics editor. With the drag-and-drop function, users can create a connection between any of their devices’ applications by dragging the desired sensors and actuators into the editor window and by connecting appropriate tasks.
The configuration can be designed in any possible way as desired by the user.
“With this, Conrad Electronic is taking a new approach to consistently meet the latest requirements of users around the IoT,” said Shawn Silberhorn, supplier business development manager at Conrad Technologie Centrum. “The dynamic with which this platform re-invents and develops already indicates a very bright future ahead for Conrad Connect.”
Conrad Electronic is a German family business that was founded in 1923. With more than 4000 employees, it operates with 17 local-based subsidiaries across Europe. The omni-channel company distributes its products to customers in 150 countries worldwide.