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Cisco releases worldwide NB-IoT platform

William Payne
March 1, 2018

Cisco has released its Jasper Control Center for NB-IoT worldwide. The company claims it is the first commercially available global NB-IoT platform. Used with the Cisco Jasper Control Center IoT connectivity management platform, enterprises will be able to manage both NB-IoT and cellular devices.

By reducing complexity and costs, Control Center for NB-IoT is designed to make it practical and profitable for companies to connect all sorts of everyday devices that will enable smart metering, building automation, asset tracking, smart cities, remote agriculture and more on a global scale.

China Unicom has carried out early trials of Control Center for NB-IoT. According to Cisco, the service provider has seen great adoption from businesses across industries, including smart metering, parking, fire control and street lighting.

“The demand for low cost, low power connectivity is extremely high throughout China, and we expect to have over 100 million NB-IoT connections on our network by 2020,” said Xiaotian Chen, General Manager of China Unicom IoT Business Unit. “By embracing multiple technologies for both traditional and low power devices, we give our customers – regardless of their industry – the flexibility to choose what fits their specific business needs.”

“NB-IoT dramatically reduces the power and cost of connectivity, so now even the most simple things will be capable of delivering valuable IoT services. This is going to drive exponential growth in the IoT industry, and one size will not fit all,” said Daniel Collins, Vice President IoT Products at Cisco.  “We designed Control Center for NB-IoT to address a broad range of low power use cases and business models – from a water meter that sends a burst of data once a week, to a city parking meter that handles transactions at all times of the day and night. Companies need the flexibility to get and pay for connectivity based on the value that each of those transactions represent to their business. We are excited to support our service provider partners and enterprise customers in China and around the world in their quest to cost-effectively deliver meaningful business outcomes.”

Control Center for NB-IoT, when used in conjunction with Cisco Jasper Control Center, allows customers to manage multiple types of connected devices, including both NB-IoT and traditional cellular.

According to Cisco, Control Center for NB-IoT is designed to help companies manage connectivity based on the business value they derive from each connected device. Customers can choose the appropriate level of features they need for their business applications, with the flexibility and convenience of an online self-serve catalogue that lets them order and utilise those platform features as needed.

The platform combines automation capabilities with real-time visibility and insights across extremely large numbers of connected devices. This is designed to make it easy for customers to manage large deployments with minimal operational overhead.