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CenturyLink, Cisco launch location based Wi-Fi analytics

William Payne
July 14, 2016

Cloud hosting and IT services company CenturyLink has launched a Wi-Fi location based analytics platform that builds on Cisco Meraki access points. The platform is being hailed by Cisco partners as bringing new capabilities and features to Internet of Things technologies, particularly in the retail, transportation and smart cities space, and enhances the Cisco IoT ecosystem.

The CenturyLink solution features Wi-Fi technology and an analytics platform to gather relevant customer demographic and location data, analytics capabilities to discern business insights, and social engagement and marketing tools for businesses to act upon data findings in real-time.

The solution is designed to help businesses create highly personalised experiences for visitors at their physical locations using a wide variety of engagement tactics, such as individualised messages, offers, way-finding apps and activity suggestions.

According to research house ABI, growth in Wi-Fi location analytics has been stronger than expected, with a 400 percent increase in the retail market last year.

CenturyLink Location-Based Analytics is built upon the CenturyLink Managed Wi-Fi solution that features Cisco Meraki Wi-Fi access points and security appliances for delivering fast data connection speeds and reliable coverage for equipment sensors and visitors' mobile devices.

Customers get access to their own analytics and marketing portal, an online hub for monitoring venue traffic and location information, analysing customer information and taking action to help drive customer loyalty, operational efficiencies and business revenues.

The portal features powerful analytics reporting and marketing tools based on technology developed by Purple, an "intelligent spaces" company serving hospitality, retail, restaurants and other venues across 73 countries.

CenturyLink manages this end-to-end solution that integrates technology from Cisco Meraki and Purple along with hardware, software licenses, installation and monitoring and support.

"Location-Based Analytics from CenturyLink empowers owners and operators of venues and spaces – such as amusement parks, college campuses, retail destinations and transportation hubs – to make deeper emotional connections with individual customers in real-time," said Troy Trenchard, vice president, product management, CenturyLink. "Through the power of connected devices and big data analytics, CenturyLink helps businesses cultivate a high degree of customer loyalty that can translate to improved sales and profitability."