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CEN, Cenelec and OneM2M join forces on standardisation

Steve Rogerson
June 16, 2016
CEN, the European Committee for Standardisation, and Cenelec, the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation, are working with OneM2M to help develop M2M standards.
As contributing type-two partners, both CEN and Cenelec can influence OneM2M specifications and help raise awareness of OneM2M in the industry. The inclusion of both organisations into the standards development process will extend the organisation’s European presence and reach into the industries that use the IoT, driving forward interoperability.
“CEN is very pleased to become a partner of OneM2M and we look forward to collaborating with all the members and partners of this initiative to develop state-of-the-art standards,” said Friedrich Smaxwil, CEN president. “Increasingly, digital technologies are being integrated into products and services in sectors where CEN and its members have been active for many years – from energy and transport to healthcare and security services. We look forward to using this knowledge and expertise to contribute to the development of standards in the fields of M2M and the IoT."
CEN and Cenelec are two of the European standardisation organisations, the other being Etsi, officially recognised by the European Union. They provide a platform for the development of European standards and other technical specifications across a wide range of sectors. Their work helps protect consumers, facilitate cross-border trade, encourage innovation and technological development, and guarantee product interoperability.
“Becoming a partner of OneM2M offers exciting opportunities for Cenelec and its members because we can cooperate with stakeholders from around the world and keep up-to-date with all the latest technologies and innovations in the fields of M2M and the IoT,” said Bernhard Thies, Cenelec president. “So we look forward to getting involved in the OneM2M initiative, while at the same time continuing to develop our cooperation with the other European standardisation organisations CEN and Etsi and our collaboration with the IEC.”
CEN and Cenelec aim to ensure that the industrial users of IoT technologies have a direct input into the development of standards for the sector, as well as helping promote OneM2M to industries such as telematics and intelligent transportation, healthcare, utilities, industrial automation, and smart homes.
OneM2M standards are jointly developed and published by standards bodies in China, Europe, India, Japan, South Korea and North America.
“CEN and Cenelec develop important European standards in their respective sectors, which address a broad cross-section of the industry,” said Cisco’s Fran O’Brien, chairman of OneM2M’s steering committee. “They also cooperate closely with ISO and the IEC. We are delighted to have both organisations on board and look forward to working with our new colleagues to further progress the goals and objectives of OneM2M.”
The members of CEN and Cenelec are the national standardisation bodies and electrotechnical committees of 33 European countries.