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Callup to launch IoT SIM manager at MWC

Steve Rogerson
February 2, 2017
Mobile device management company Callup plans to introduce an IoT SIM cards management system at this month’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
The IoT Engine can remotely manage the entire life cycle of SIM cards embedded in various devices, such as smart meters, home appliances, in-vehicle systems and personal devices from activation, through various upgrades, to SIM card cancellation and swap.
It is an IoT-enhanced version of the Israeli company’s SIM OTA system, which is used by various mobile operators worldwide. The IoT Engine includes features and interfaces to allow easy integration with third party systems.
“The cellular world is evolving from phones to various devices and objects, and we are witnessing an increasing number of connected devices in various environments, from homes to smart cities,” said Alon Roth, Callup’s CEO. “The innovative SIM card management system will help the expansion of the internet of things, including the deployment of IoT-dedicated networks.”
The engine lets mobile operators and IoT network operators issue control commands on SIM cards using rich API, or through a user interface. It can update any file on the card’s file system, provided it is allowed to be modified over the air. Status and reports can be collected in real time or as a request for report at a later time.
The system will automatically repeat the update process on SIM cards that could not accept the original update for various reasons, such as devices that were turned off.
Founded in 1999, Callup provides value added services and mobile device management. It is a subsidiary of the One1 Group, headquartered in Israel and listed on the Tel Aviv stock exchange. The customer base spans the globe and includes fixed, mobile, VoIP telecoms operators, MVNEs and MVNOs, as well as telecoms providers.